Saturday, November 14, 2009

DOOMSDAY MACHINE / First Leisure - 1972

Rodan's filling in for Tabonga as Tabonga has a splinter in his big toe! Today's weirdo feature is one of the most mish-moshed movies you'll ever marvel at, and, I'll name off the borrowed parts when we get there. On top of all that, looks like the photography director was into mushrooms!.. The psychedelic kind!! The company First Leisure went on to produce two other movies, THE GATLING GUN and THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLEN POE.

~ It's just a coincidence that yesterday's post also has acid-dropping colors!!

Eegah!! does another good job of capturing some great lines and screams to go with the FORBIDDEN PLANET sounds that have additional elements thrown in for disguise purposes! So, there's already one mish!

Hang on to your hats and eyeballs!.. DOOMED-DAY CONTRAPTION!!

Everything starts in another movie, Italian, I think MISSION STARDUST. Anyway, it's supposed to be China and that there gizmo locked up behind bars is nothing less than... The Doomsday Machine!!

*Did anyone see the History Channel's piece on the USSR's doomsday machine, to be used if they "lost the cold war?" It was the largest ship ever built, and, it was a nuclear bomb that would destroy the entire world!!!! Go put that in your peace-pipe and smoke it!

At the Space Flight Center there's a special news session being held about the project's timetable being moved up. Mike (M*A*S*H*-TV) Farrell is a reporter in the audience.


Casey (THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT) Kasem is the Mission Control Officer.

Three women are brought in at the last second to join the four astrostuds on their trek into the vast void, which totally confuses everything... Oh, man, I feel the acid coming on!

I'm so stoned that I see a Japanese spaceship from GORATH!! Whoa!!!

Dude, I'm peaking!!!

Okay, enough fun, back to the show... Here's the people in the spaceship: James (THE CYCLOPS) Craig, Grant (THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) Williams, Mala (THE UNKNOWN TERROR) Powers, Bobby (THE NAVY vs THE NIGHT MONSTERS) Van, Ruta (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN-TV) Lee, Henry (THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE) Wilcoxon and Lori (13 DEMON STREET-TV) Scott!

Ruta looks so much better in a bra with tubes than that ugly, dippy uniform she wears!

Grant hears some bad stuff coming in from Earth station.

And, just what am I supposed to be looking at?

Atomic blasts riddle the Earth's surface, then, it's gone!!

Bobby is stunned by the news and goes into shock.

Now, here's a spaceship insert from THE WIZARD OF MARS!

This picture is just plain awesome!

Oh yeah, and, it's hard to watch Grant as the sadistic, pushy asshole he plays!

In all his playfulness, he pushes Lori into the button that opens the bay door!!

This part is actually well done and comes off as very creepy!

Effective make-up!

Back to GORATH and that triggers another cosmic acid flashback!!

To tell you the truth, I don't know who filmed the part here, where they find and go into another spacecraft. And, I'm really starting to not care, it's way too long at 83 minutes!

Everybody dies at the end, a trend that became popular in the seventies!


prof. grewbeard said...

the Japanese spaceship is actually from Gorath and the other was originally from David L. Hewitt's The Wizard Of Mars, though the footage was also used in Al Adamson's Horror Of The Blood Monsters. i haven't seen Mutiny In Outer Space, myself...

-the pedantic Prof.

RODAN! said...

Thanks PG, your corrections are appreciated. Mutiny In Outer Space is a good one, definitely part of that era, like Space Monster. The melting flesh of the astronaut who contracts a disease from the Moon is fairly disgusting but effective!

Samuel Wilson said...

I still find it hard to believe that those chopstick jockeys could come up with a planet buster.

Christopher said...

love those Tye dyed cOlOrS!.Ruta Ruta Ruta!

Anonymous said...

The only thing worth seeing in this film (???) is the cOlOrFuL photography by Stanley (slow-as-molasses) Cortez. Otherwise, it's just a primo example of how NOT to make a sci-fi movie!

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