Friday, July 26, 2019

BILL AND COO / World Record For The Smallest Film Set - 1948

Hey, welcome to Chirpendale!.. Here's a weird one released eleven days after I was born! In Chirpendale, there's everything, even a bar where bird citizens can drink junebug sundaes and listen to jazzy music! But, the birds are terrorized by an evil raven called "The Black Menace." The circus comes to town, Bill and Coo get box perches and witness wild feats like Cannonball Twitcher on an out of control motorcycle! The Black Menace returns, and Bill jumps into action to save the day.

Bill and Coo are two cute parakeets (like I used to have as a kid) who are drawn together after a series of dangerous events, including being under attack by the evil Black Menace...

Here are a few of the signs in the city, I love the forties style hand painted signs, they have mucho eye appeal.

They even have a 500 berry reward poster for the mean old Black Menace!

In this scene, mama parakeet washes the laundry and then hangs it up on a clothes line.

The Obangi Bros. Circus comes to Chirpendale and all the little birdies head to the fairgrounds. They even have an air balloon to attract some attention!

The whole circus is powered by a rabbit on an exercise wheel, wowzers!

So, the audience is being entertained by numerous death defying acts, like this acrobat doing flips on the rings!

And, next up is.. Iron Jaw!..

But, the Black Menace shows up and does a fly over to assess the situation!

Bill takes off from the circus, he has a plan. He goes to the seed store and finds some crow bait, he puts a bag in his taxi and carts it away...

Bill puts the opened bag inside a special cage constructed for just an occasion. The Black Menace falls for the ploy and goes inside. Bill closes the door and the raven is finally captured, hooray!

All the citizens of Chirpendale go to gaze at the Black Menace, they are all safe now and don't have to worry about any more threats from the mean old bird!

After the dust settles, Bill and Coo get hitched, a perfect ending you must agree... So, check in tomorrow when Eegah!! will definitely have something special, just for you and me!!..

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