Saturday, March 30, 2019


I have another blog that features mostly 1980's and 90's cassette tape music, and my next presentation there is going to be a demo tape I got from a very gifted musician in Japan named Toshiyuki Hiraoka in the late 80's! I then remembered that my friend and DJ/Musician in Berlin, Lord Litter, recently told me that Toshi was writing soundtracks for movies these days, so I thought what better way to combine the two blogs for once!
The first of Toshi's 43 composing credits was in 2003 for a video release titled "Necro Files 2," and he has worked on many short films and videos since then. I'm just going to show you thirteen of the posters that I could find on IMDB for some of  the movies like
"Mad Cowgirl" that came out in 2006.

"Violent Blue" seen here come out in 2011.

"House Of Forbidden Secrets" escaped in 2013!

 I will readily admit that these 2000's psycho/slasher types of films are not really my favorite genre, nor have I seen any of them, but some of the names are hilarious, like
"Death-Scort Service" which came out in 2015.

"Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance" hit the streets also in 2015.

The early tapes I got from Toshiyuki usually featured just him playing guitar and bass with a drum machine, and thinking back on it, it sounded a lot like soundtrack music!
"Fiendish Fables" came out in 2016.

Toshi was very busy in 2016 working on movies like "Chaos A.D."

 Maybe if he reads this,
he'll tell us how he became the 'go to guy' for all these lurid titles like
"Cannibal Claus" in 2016.

When I first heard that Toshi was recording scores for movies, I naturally assumed they were Japanese movies, but I was sure wrong about that!
Another from 2016 was "Caged Beauty."

Because once wasn't enough, "Death-Scort Service Part 2" came out in 2017.

Now here's one I just might try and watch! What a title! From 2018,
"Wrestle Massacre!"

Set to be released in July of this year,
"Enter The Samurai" is a documentary about the making of "Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance," which by looking at the trailer, looks pretty insane!

And last but not least, what else could it be but in post production,
Cursed circus clowns with power over tornadoes to wreak havoc on the world!
You can click right here to go to the cassette blog and listen to some more of Toshiyuki's Humble beginnings!


Friday, March 29, 2019

THE MONSTER / Bob Burns: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1953

Last Friday I posted Bob Burns' 1952 entry into Monster Kid Home Movies, THE ALIEN. Today, I gots THE MONSTER from 1953, barely over 3 minutes, Bob's second entry into this obscure but popular genre. Again, it seems that Bob had some professional help, check out that very nice title card!

We start the story at this 'private laboratory' somewhere in LA I'd say. Well, I wonder what's going on beyond that door, are those kids making monsters again?!..

Okay, the answer is!.....

Yes, yes they are!!.. Those crazy kids are making another freakin' Monster!!.. God help us all!

So, it's time to re-animate this messed up dead guy! I can't remember, how in the heck does this damn thing work again?.. I guess that's about right...

Aww crap-a-roonie! Now, what in the Hell am I going to do?... Like, HEEEELP Mr. Wizard!!

The Monster gets up as...

The equipment goes totally haywire, using good old sparklers to achieve the effect. I loved those sparklers when I was a little guy.

The Monster spaz chops the assistant and they scratch the footage to make it look like electricity shocks. One down, one to go!

Then, the Monster deep sixes the mad scientist kid as the place catches fire.

The place starts caving in and the Monster gets caught under some burning timbers and says goodbye, only a minute after he was brought back to life!! Stupid kids!

We end our tale here, with another sweet card... Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! pops in to give you another treat, here at, The Dungeon!..

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

PERRY GRANT AGENTE DI FERRO - "The Big Blackout" (1966)

Tonight's Wild Wednesday feature is a film made in 1966, a year that many people, including myself, consider to be one of THE greatest years in the history of Pop Culture!
 It's also a movie that proves that Wednesdays can be Special too!

The title is "Perry Grant Agent Di Ferro," and was released in English as
"The Big Blackout!"

Peter Holden is Perry Grant! Peter is a tough guy to find out much information on! On the IMDB website, there are no less that 13 Peter Holden's listed, and this one probably has the least amount of information written about him! They don't even have a birth date for him!
 All I can really tell you about Peter is that he apparently only made two movies, this one and another Italian film, a weird cowboy movie titled "Giurò... E Li Uccise Ad Uno Ad Uno... Piluk Il Timido" or "Piluk, The Timid One!"

Here's my favorite part of "The Big Blackout!" It's a club scene where a band called The Planets are playing! Now I don't know about you, but I never had heard of The Planets before, but fortunately, there's a Helluva lot more information about them to be found than there is about Peter Holden!

You never really know if the bands in these 1960's Italian movies are real bands or actors, and there's no credits for them, but since they had their name and logo on the drums I started digging around and found out a few interesting things!

The Planets were indeed a real band from Italy that existed from 1964 to 1968!
They were also in a 1966 Lina Wertmüller film called "Rita La Zanzara," starring Rita Pavone, who they became the backup band for, and"Colpo Maestro Al Servizio Di Sua Maestà Britannica," or
"Master Stroke" in 1967.

If you want to read more about them, The Planets' Wikipedia page is entirely in Italian!
In 1968 The Planets morphed into a group called The Others and Pataxo!

They even had time for a drum solo!

The Planets released one self-titled album in 1967. 
There are only three copies of the original album available on Discogs. They're all in Italy, and the cheapest one is $674.16.

There have been many bands called The Planets over the years, and around the world!
Here's a very interesting album cover of just one of them!
There was also a 60's Australian surf band, and a late 70's new wave band called The Planets just to name a couple more.

 If you crossed a Fiat with a Smart Car, you'd probably get a Fart Car, and this car looks so tiny, I'm sure it was a real Gasser!!

I really thought "Perry Grant Agente Di Ferro" was an interesting enough movie with shots like these!

Perry Grants gets himself into and out of quite a few pickles in 96 minutes!

I could never look cool in a peppermint striped robe like this, but Peter Holden can pull it off, and he does, along with his shirt, a number of times!

Marilù (Amazzone, Olympia, Princess Ate, Velida, Galienus' Daughter) Tolo is one of the gal's that drives Perry crazy!

Perry is one of the smarter secret agents I've seen! Before going where he knows he's going to get shot at, he covers himself, including his elbows, with bulletproof material, and gives him yet another chance to take off his shirt!

Now this is just a cool 'secret agent at work' shot!

This is the handheld version of the blackout device that works as a sonic disruptor of sorts!

This larger version is going to enable the takeover of the whole world, but Perry Grant has other ideas!

Perry Grant is not the kind of guy you really want to F with!
Luckily for all of us, he was on the job! 

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??