Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DESTINATION INNER SPACE / Harold Goldman Associates - 1966 / Music by Paul Dunlap

When Tabonga close eyes during tonight sound clip, feel like going to Mars or see John Agar. That be the riddle of the night.

Music Master Paul Dunlap appear at Dungeon many, many time, tonight music is recycled from earlier flick, natcherly... DESTINATION: BIKINI BOTTOM

Boredom start when they drop Scott Brady off in middle of ocean and he go down, down, down to model in big aquarium.

Scott play Commander Wayne, now he in charge of ever'thing! And, ever'thing great 'til stupid model of UFO show up!.. Now what?!

Dudes finally get up courage to investigate UFO, so they bring along gurl! But... Gurl can't ride in sub!

Inside of saucer confuse Tabonga!! What, monster have to stand whole way? Where is easy chair?!.. If monster is fish and all wet, why polish floor?!.. And, how it know where going? Is stupid fish!! Hey, what would be funnier if had big steering wheel like Pirate ship! And that hole in floor, not good in space!! DUDE!!

Here stills from action in sound clip, you know, gasmask, monster, etc... Oh, look, there Gary Merrill too!

So, somehow, they get monster into their lab, so to make sure it attack Commander' love interest and finally try to create some excitement!!

Here how you tell who win!!


Anonymous said...

It scared the hell out of me when i was young, it made me laugh when i saw it two years ago ! Thanks for the music !

ufo said...

Have actually watched this one.... TWICE!!!
i believe Mike Road (Race Bannon's voice in Jonny Quest) also 'acts' in this one.
Whoo boy....me like Tabonga style!

Greg Goodsell said...

The most memorable thing about this film is how James Hong, who plays the Chinese cook in this film, mans his battle station by hoisting a tray of condiments! RACIST! It's probably why this flick didn't get much TV play back in the day ----

Monster Music

Monster Music
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