Saturday, October 16, 2021

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS - "The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom" (2017)

This week's Countdown To Halloween Saturday Night Special is a Halloween episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" from 2017.

This special episode was titled "The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom."

It's just another bucolic Halloween filled with trick or treaters of all ilks from beneath the sea!

SpongeBob has got his place decorated to the hilt!

But then Patrick informs SpongeBob that his decorations are just too cute, and Halloween is supposed to be scary. SpongeBob doesn't like scary things, so Patrick introduces him to the concept of "Scary is Funny."

SpongeBob and Patrick stop by Sandy's place, and she is in the process of creating a giant Frankenstein-like puppet!

The Flying Dutchman shows up, and decides to show everybody that scary is not funny!
The Flying Dutchman then takes Patrick and SpongeBob on a real scary ride. Spongebob just keeps laughing the whole time, and it's just pissing off The Dutchman!

The Flying Dutchman's ride is a hoot, and should be really incorporated into some theme park somewhere!

Even if it was just a ride at your local carnival, it would still be great scary fun!

The ride is your standard rolling cart on rails, but this one goes through some very unnatural places!

SpongeBob just keeps on laughing and having a marvelous time!

Actually, a ride through a pinball machine sounds like a cool and workable idea!

When none of that scares SpongeBob, The Flying Dutchman captures the souls of all of SpongeBob's friends including Patrick, and cages them up, and mentally tortures them!

The Flying Dutchman makes a big mistake, and enters SpongeBob's brain.

Since he's the most naive character alive, SpongeBob's thoughts are nothing but sweet and goodness!

It's really quite interesting to see what's going on inside of SpongeBob's head, but The Dutchman doesn't like it at all!

The Flying Dutchman totally breaks down and goes into a schizophrenic manic depressive rage!

What else is there to say except the day we've all been waiting for is creeping closer!

Friday, October 15, 2021


 Well. it's Friday the 15th and we're half way through the Halloween Countdown Celebration, here at The Dungeon!!..  So, here are a few things that happened recently, sit back and enjoy all the wacky mayhem and funny stuff that has unfolded!

The day started with a shootout when these bad sports, The Wild Ones, decided to fire at the guys (who are practicing their posing on the top of a building) who whipped their asses yesterday in a posing runoff. A very good example of very bad sportsmanship.

The guys on the roof fire back and The Wild Ones run away like scared chickens!

This girl was on another building taking pictures of the action only to slip and fall off! Luckily, she landed on one of the guys that was running away and she's just fine!

Here's something that's pretty funny! Notorious bad guy Red Devil was running across that stone bridge and fell off! 

A second after he hit the ground, he was the victim of his own patented Red Devil Pepper Mist! This totally cracked up the spectators.

Hey, check out our five kid virtual giant robot command game! Boy, the kids went bonkers over this one, destroying virtual opponents and demolishing real estate everywhere.

And now some good news... We had some great posing in our runoff yesterday, here are a few great poses from groups moving up to the finals next week. Wow, awesome!

These are the guys who beat out The Wild Ones yesterday, they will move on to the finals.

Another spectacular pose from these amazing finalists!

Oh yeah, there was an accident when our Monster Machine ride lost its wheels!! Needless to say, the people waiting to take a ride were very angry! It's being repaired.

Another impromptu freeform dance breaks out in the street! This one's called... Happy Halloween Countdown Stomp!

Here's a shot from our after lunch punch out.

It was lots of fun watching the gals do their thing out in the back lot, where they can practice their ball busting moves!

Here's a cool update, McBurgler was cornered in the cafeteria by some 'good guys' who started pushing him around. So, he doused them all in mustard and ketchup, which cost them $80 each to get the stains out at our ever busy Dungeon Dry Cleaners!

One more update, Allen's back, this time he borrowed his buddy's rocket cycle and played chicken with one of the enemies he's made at the celebration.

Allen whizzes by as  the shock wave knocks the guy on his ass, and Allen's gone, out of sight!! Just another day at The Dungeon Halloween Countdown Celebration!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

WEDNESDAY THE 13TH - "Vintage Halloween Commericals" (1970's & 80's)

It's a Wednesday the 13th in The Dungeon Countdown to Halloween, and here's a bunch of imagery from Halloween TV commercials from the deep dark past for you to peruse!

I don't know about you but when I think about PAAS, it's because of their Easter Egg coloring kits, not monster make-up kits!

I guess if you're in a business that is geared only to a specific holiday, it's probably a good thing to branch out into other holidays too.

In 1986 into 1987, specially marked boxes of Quaker's Granola Dipps contained flexi-discs, one of which was by John Lennon.

This commercial was touting Granola Dipps as hauntingly wholesome Halloween treats, with a Beach Boys style theme song, that sounds a lot like "Barbara Ann."
Oh, No!
These days, Granola Dipps are called Chewy Dipps!

These Halloween Zingers came with a special box!

Cut up that box, and transform an average pumpkin into some kind of Halloween monstrosity!

Believe it or not, but this is from a commercial for Hershey's Kisses.

This is an especially freaky commercial! This guy is at a Halloween costume party as a giant chicken!

Everybody at the party, including Frankenstein, is eating fried chicken.

No wonder he's not comfortable, it's a "Big Chicken Deal" for $1.99, and since he's the only big chicken in the room............

"Halloween's coming, what you gonna do about it?" Hallmark's "Spooky Sounds" tape might just be the answer!

This is a commercial for Woolworths. You can tell how old it is by the prices!

Wow, how realistic can you get?

This was an ad for a scary Halloween record called "Sounds To Make You Shiver."

This is from a commercial for a "Safe Halloween." Instead of candy or apples with razor blades in them, it was a coupon you could take to some retail outfit, and cash it in for some candy.

Today the "Safe Halloween" coupon has been replaced by Amazon gift cards!

This is from a Pillsbury commercial.

This 1988 Spooky Goop commercial is just the best!

If it's all fun and nobody gets hurt or dies, it just doesn't get better than monster makeup! 

I'm sure Spooky Goop is a fave with the Kardashian crowd!

I grabbed all these stills from just the first thirteen minutes of this video on Youtube called "70's & 80's Halloween Commercials," and if you want to see more, there's another half hour's worth, so dig in freaks!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??