Friday, November 30, 2007

NIGHT TIDE - Chaino - "Bongo Madness" (1961)

Back in about 1965, my Dad brought home an album called "Jungle Echoes" by Chaino & His African Percussion Safari that he bought somewhere for about 69 cents after he'd won $1.75 playing pinball, back when pinball machines actually paid off, and on that Chaino LP I remember there was all this freaky jungle bongo percussion unlike anything else we'd heard before, but I never really thought that over 40 years later I'd be talking or writing about it. Oh, Well.... here you go. Chaino's bongos in the movie "Night Tide" are riveting as Mermaid Gal dances & dives into a frenzy of percussive madness. 

Dennis Hopper's pretty cool until she goes about 3 & 1/2 steps too far and loses it! This is a very interesting film that needs to be re-discovered if you're not doing anything else! Chaino's Jungle Drums

Thursday, November 29, 2007

X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES - Les Baxter - "Mentalo/Vegas" (1963)

Just as Classic as you want it to be, the movie is "X" and the really funny thing is, it's not even X-rated. This film has a couple of the best scenes ever made. The combination of characters at Mentalo's sideshow is beyond compare. Don Rickles at his sarcastic best,(really not very funny, and almost scary), combined with Jonathan Haze & Dick Miller makes for a true wonder to behold!
Besides that, here's the swingin' little intro piece as they head to Las Vegas to clean up. Being able to see through card's has got to be every gambler's ultimate fantasy, and Les Baxter's music adds just the right touch! Ray Milland is absolutely perfect through the whole thing!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

THE MASK - Applebaum/Schaeffer - "Main Theme" (1961)

"The Mask" was the first Canadian film with widespread U.S. distribution, and like a lot of other Canadian films, Louis Applebaum was the man behind the music for this way past wild quasi-3-D production. His talents combined with the electronic contributions of Myron Schaeffer made for one craaazzy film that was freaky insane nutzoid creepy in 1961 & hasn't changed much since then! Beware what you ingest before imbibing in this festival of 'what in the hell was that'! And not to forget, "PUT THE MASK ON, PUT THE MASK ON NOW!!!" Yeah, I know you were expecting Jim Carrey, Sorry, but this is the REAL thing! Here's the music from the main title credits of "The Mask." 

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

L' AMANTE DEL VAMPIRO (The Vampire And The Ballerina) - Aldo Piga - "Let's Go Girls" (1960)

Really old school composer Aldo Piga did music for a number of neat Italian vampire flicks in the 1960's. Besides "The Vampire & The Ballerina", there was "Playgirls & The Vampire", and "Slaughter Of The Vampires" and even "The Vampire Of The Opera." This ever changing music goes along with a really great dance number, and for this one time, you're better to not have to use your imagination if you don't have to, because these ballerinas put on quite a show. Try & find yourself a copy somewhere, and good luck with that!! 

Monday, November 26, 2007

MOSURA TAI GOJIRA (Godzilla Vs. The Thing) - Akira Ifukube - "Mosura" (1964)

Probably better known as "Godzilla Vs. Mothra," but "Godzilla Vs. The Thing" is one of the much cooler titles, and what a great movie starring another one of our heroes, Akira Takarada. Man, did that cat do it all, and it all was good! To go along with Akira's Takarada's performance, is another top notch original score by Akira Ifukube! Instead of Midas, everything those two Akira's touched turned to Godzilla Gold! This short piece is self-descriptive. It's about Mothra, also known as The Thing or Mosura, and without a doubt, the baddest moth in the universe! Get down, it's all about who's got the biggest huevos!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

THE PHANTOM PLANET - Leith Stevens/Ted Roberts - "Main Theme" (1961)

Recycled music from "World Without End" was once again used by Ted Roberts with the cooperation of music supervisor Gordon Zahler, who we know from his work on Ed Wood Jr's "Plan 9 From Outer Space" & "Night Of The Ghouls," and was able to squeeze even more life out of this music, just one year later. Add some more stuff again & this time you've got the theme song to "The Phantom Planet." I'm sure a lot of children were devastated mentally after seeing Lieutenant Webb, played by TV kiddie show 'cartoon host' venquilitrist, Jimmy Weldon vaporized in the first few minutes of this film, and so, what exactly happened to Webster Webfoot at that point in time anyhow? 

SPACE MEN (Assignment Outer Space) Leith Stevens/Ted Roberts - "Main Title" (1960)

Oh, yeah, we're just getting warmed up here now!! Maybe music editor Ted Roberts figured that since he was in Italy, nobody would notice if he used this piece of music composed by Leith Stevens from "World Without End" again, especially if they added some narration and other musics at the beginning & end. So here's the opening credits from "Assignment Outer Space" or "Space Men" as it was originally released, sounding a lot like something else too.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

WORLD WITHOUT END - Leith Stevens - "Main Title" (1956)

Besides composing music for the 3 best 60's Sci-Fi TV shows, "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea", "The Time Tunnel", & "Lost In Space," Leith Stevens was also composer for, and I think you better sit down, "Destination Moon", "When Worlds Collide", "War Of The Worlds", and this film, "World Without End." Now, that's some very serious credentials! This movie always freaked us out, and you'll be more than lucky to find a copy to watch, to know why!

Friday, November 23, 2007

ZOMBIES (I Eat Your Skin) - Lon E. Norman - "Main Theme" (1964)

We prefer the title "Zombies" to the re-issue title of "I Eat Your Skin," because it seems much more appropriate and definately cooler sounding! "Zombies!" Lon E. Norman is given credit for the music on this Del Tenney masterpiece, and besides this film, Lon only did music for that other classic beach thriller "Sting Of Death" & "The Jackie Gleason TV Show." That's about it for him. Versatile, short, but sweet! The soundtrack from this movie is just crazy and wild enough that it might have just worn him out, and working with The Del, where perfection was always on demand, could never have been easy! This film has music unlike anything you have never or will ever hear again in the movies. Guaranteed!! "ZOMBIES"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE - Huddleston/Smith Jr. - "Drunk Kids-Dead Body" (1966)

Try and get away with this today kids, right? But way back in 1966, anything was still possible! What harmony! 
Parking & DrinkinWhile we're on the subject of turkeys and kid's parking, here is one of the most different things you will ever get a chance to hear in your life. Some people will go a whole lifetime without ever having a chance to experience anything like this music or this dialogue & voices. You might want to make yourself a drink before you listen to this, otherwise you might not get it either! 
She's quite attractive, no doubt, but then you also have this super weird scene where dumbass is trying to get this body manipulated into some kind of upright position. The pounding music will either give you a headache or a good idea of what's going on until you get a chance to get your own copy of what some people say is the worst monster movie ever made! 

THE EYE CREATURES - Baxter/Stein - "The Big Wheel" (1965)

When you start talking turkey, it's inevitable that names like Jerry Warren & Larry Buchanan will crop up every time, but in the parallel universe that is "Dwrayger Dungeon" these same names are the ones that continue to intrigue us for what seems like an eternity. "The Eye Creatures" is a perfect example, if there ever was one! It's a great movie & is highly recommended to any followers of anything! This movie basically has it all! You got Great music, offbeat comedy, John Ashley, and more! The whole movie is like one big cover tune, that not only parodies itself, and the original, but also whatever else may follow in the future! Uncredited music by the best, Les Baxter & Ronald Stein, what else could you possibly even ask for? Bubble-headed reject space monsters, 30 year old teenagers necking, & the most awesome ripoff/homage you're ever likely to come in contact with ever! You can buy or rent "The Eye Creatures" with "Zontar" as a double feature DVD, & we suggest that you do! What a bargain!
The Air Force perv on the left was the Martian dude in the strip bar in "Mars Needs Women!" 

Long before heavy metal we had some serious parking and heavy petting going on out there in the old day for night territory!!!

This waitress is just way too smokin' hot for these two loser guys to handle!

How Bout That?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH - The Del-Aires - "Hank's Big Scene" (1964)

Are you ready for this? In 1964, the winner of The Academy Award for Best Film was "My Fair Lady" & believe it or don't, "The Horror Of Party Beach" wasn't even considered. If they both showed down at the local Bijou Theatre today, I'm willing to bet that "The Horror Of Party Beach" would have a bigger turnout, and I think that really says something about society in general! John Scott as Hank could have easily got the award for Best Actor for this scene alone compared to the tripe that Rex Harrison dishes out. That's Right! Okay, Audrey Hepburn is almost as hot as Alice Lyon's Elaine, but that's still an almost, and compare the music, no you can't, because there's No comparison! The Del-Aires Rock and Roll and the music from "My Fair Lady" will make you gag or worse and will suck for eternity! They should take it to court, and turn the award over to the real winner, Del Tenney!

Monday, November 19, 2007

DIE NACKTE UND DER SATAN (The Head) - Lasry/Mattes - "Lilly's Body" (1959)

This is about the last time you're going to see Lilly with her own head, and this is the one last tasty tidbit where body recipient Sister Irene & the unwilling donor's boyfriend meet for the first time back at the Tam--Tam Club. This is a very smooth musical section where you think you can really just lay back & relax, and then just about when you're ready to close your eyes, it comes in with a tight little guitar lead that winds up and slams into about 45 seconds of some of the purest music you're going to come across lately or at least in the last 48 years, and the only way you're going to be able to enjoy this as much as you are going to want to, is to go out & get a copy all of your own. In the meantime, here's.......Sister Lilly
 Just for kicks, here's a longer version with the rockin' part looped 3 times! Longer Version

INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN - Albert Glasser - "Lt. Richard 'Dick' Chasen" (1956)

Max Showalter (AKA Casey Adams) plays the part of Police Lt. Richard 'Dick' Chasen in the classic 1956 thriller, "Indestructible Man." Have a listen to this dialogue & see if you think for any reason it might have affected why he was rejected as Ward Cleaver in the "Leave It To Beaver" TV family comedy, even though he did play Ward in the pilot episode of the series. There is a great jazzy quacking horns soundtrack by the formidable Albert Glasser, unfortunately it's almost all totally 'really in the background' music, but you can still enjoy this little piece! 

Sunday, November 18, 2007

MARS NEEDS WOMEN - Ron Stein - "Strip Club/Lounge/Radio" (1967)

Bubbles Cash whole movie career began and ended in 1967. She did two other films that year besides "Mars Needs Women", "Hip Hot and 21" & "Hot Thrills and Warm Chills." Maybe it had something to do with the Tommy Kirk Midas touch. Directed by no budget specialist Larry Buchanan, with music once again by the unstoppable Ron Stein, this TV movie comes across as some kinda Disney Sci-Fi, except when the Martians decide they need a woman who is a stripper, the movie gets pretty darn sleazy for 1967 TV. Too cool strip club twin sax, hammerin' piano, & crazy slinky guitar music at it's best, topped off with some lounge vibes, a wild little pop song off the radio, & back to the strip club again to take care of that stripper. Have a nice trip!

Here's Bubbles!!!! In 1967 TV movies, strip bars are full of old ladies in the audience!

They almost blew it, ordering a martini in Texas, Stupid Martians!!

Hey, that Martian looks a lot like a guy I saw in the strip bar!! Who they trying to fool?
Mars Needs Women

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??