Saturday, July 20, 2019

SPACE PRECINCT - "Double Duty" (1994)

This Saturday Night Special is once again a tip from my German correspondent, crazed DJ, and all around good guy, Lord Litter! I'm not quite sure how he keeps on finding them for me, but he does, and tonight it's the 1994 British TV show "Space Precinct."

I thought this episode titled "Double Duty" was the first episode, but as it turns out, it's actually the fourth episode!

"Space Precinct" is a cop show set in the year 2040, just a little over 20 years from now. Some of the police officers are human like American actor Ted (353 combined episodes of Dallas and Knots Landing as Gary Ewing) Shackelford as Lt. Patrick Brogan, and........

.......Another American actor, Rob (Sliders) Youngblood as Officer Jack Haldane, 

.....Danish actress Simone (Mary, Mother Of Jesus) Bendix as Officer Jane Castle!!!

Most of the rest of the officers in the precinct look like this!

The fun part about "Space Precinct" is that it was created by Gerry Anderson of "Thunderbirds," "Terrahawks," and "Stingray" fame, and it looks great because of it!

I don't know who to thank for how cool "Space Precinct" looks, the colorists, the model makers, or the special effects technicians, probably all of them, but this is just fun to look at!

It's just eye candy!

And it works when they mix this with the 'live' action!

They could have dispensed with the story and it would have been fine with me!

But since they didn't, this grub pizza is what you have to look forward to in 21 years! Maybe we'll get lucky, and they'll start doing it even sooner!

The pizza delivery guy is Idris (Heimdall, The Guardian of Asgard) Elba, in only his second appearance on TV! Idris is one busy guy these days, and has five or six things in pre or post-production!

As cartoonish as it is, "Space Precinct" also has some space horror going on.

The creature effects makeup was some of the early work of animatronics designer Richard Gregory who just passed away a few months ago....

................And special effects technician Phillip (Avatar) Sharpe.

All is not what it seems!  

Lana Citron in the last of her four credits morphs into something you don't want to trifle with!

This Thing!
"Space Precinct" went on for a full 24 episode season, so I'm sure I'll be back with more some day!
Ta Ta for now!

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