Sunday, September 30, 2007

THE MANSTER - Hirooki Ogawa - "Manster Mash" (1962)

This is a series of music from the soundtrack of "The Manster" pieced together for all your two-headed enjoyment. It starts in some Japanese baths & culminates with Larry running into his wife unexpectedly & needing a drink real bad. Sorry Larry, but it just gets worse from here & all the alcohol in the world isn't going to help!! Do the "Manster Mash," I doubt it will catch on in a flash!

ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE - Albert Glasser - "The Attempted Escape" (1958)

"Attack Of The Puppet People" had this fairly long scene with the record player playing this swingin' tune. The little people were given a chance at escaping when Franz's buddy Emil suddenly drops by to chat, causing quite a frustrating dilemma for Mr. Franz. Emil just will not go away & is played to perfection by Michael Mark, who had been playing an array of diverse unnamed characters such as thug, innkeeper, valet, sniper, informant, janitor, window washer, clerk, juror, prom chaperone, assistant cook, watchman, vagrant, head waiter, flower store man, peasant, bartender, miner, coachman, drunken fortune teller, Russian interpreter, cab driver, astonished Swiss villager, rug merchant, mechanic, small thief, gas station attendant, pottery vendor, timid man, Czech laborer in pain, poor farmer, Cuban fisherman, chestnut vendor, etc. etc. etc. since 1928!! What a guy! This one's for you Michael! Emil Arrives

Friday, September 28, 2007


Interesting turn in Arch Hall's career where his band The Archers and their music weren't even used in the movie. Riveting film with incredibly small cast & amazing cinematography by the very talented William Zsigmond. Continuing in the family tradition, Arch Hall Sr. does the narration during the opening credits. The music is by Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter. Another excellent example of vision over extravagance. The Hall's could make a better film with 50 bucks than today's major studio's make with 50 million. Figure that into the whole picture of today's economy, & you'll know exactly what the heck is wrong with the world today. Happy New Year! 

VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS - Freddy Cannon -"Little Bitty Corrine" (1965)

So where is Mr. Frederick Anthony Picariello these days? Don't know, but here's a great little song that gives you the whole Freddy Cannon experience in a flash. This Freddy cat had more exuberance than many other performers of the time, but Freddy always seemed to have been caught in between genres, he wasn't mod pop, surf, rock or lounge, but just seemed like a real good natured guy having a good time, and enjoying every rockin' minute of it, and who else could get away with wearing a sweater like that? We have no idea why he's in this movie, we're just glad he is. Rent it! No regrets guaranteed! Whooooooo!!! Freddy Cannon 

Thursday, September 27, 2007

THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN - Erich Bromberg (Jerry Warren) - "Opening Credits" (1966)

Wow! There is absolutely no one in the world to blame for this movie except Jerry Warren! Sure, it's an incredibly crappy film, but just think, one man was almost responsible for everything and anything that had to do with this movie! Jerry Warren wrote, produced, directed, AND edited "The Wild World Of Batwoman", AND was also responsible for the music under the guise of Erich Bromberg, AND If you don't think that's just truly amazing, then just go out & try and make your own movie with real film and see how far you get! Phew!! So let's all hoist our glasses high and toast the incredible out of this world genius of Jerry Warren!! This theme song alone is so cool you should go and get yourself a copy! Batwoman

LA MORTE VIENE DALLO SPAZIO (The Day The Sky Exploded) - Carlo Rustichelli - "Opening Credits" (1958)

Carlo Rustichelli had a career as composer for the movies that spanned over 57 years, this Italian movie "The Day The Sky Exploded" was released 46 years ago today and 35 years ago Carlo did the music for, are you ready for this, "Black 13." It's like one of those twisted backwards problems your kid brings home from math class. To coin an ancient phrase, Go figure! But at least the sky didn't really explode and we still get the pleasure of hearing this great music. Carlo left this world November 13, 2004, after scoring more than 400 movies of all genres! Get ready! Day The Sky Exploded

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SPACE MASTER X-7 - Josef Zimanich - "Opening Credits +" (1958)

Now here's a genuine blast from the past that most folks don't even know exists, some quite odd, and highly scientifical theme music by Josef Zimanich from "Space Master X-7" (Don't you just like to say that? Sounds like some kinda super cool futuristic kitchen appliance.) coupled with a very short audio scene featuring the one and only Moe Howard as the cabbie. (And if you don't know who Moe Howard is, then Lord have pity on your miserable soul!) C'mon, it just doesn't get any better than that!!! "Saw who? I'm all by myself!"

EL FANTASMA DE LA CASA ROJA (The Phantom In The Red House) - José de la Vega "The 2nd Song" (1956)

Thirteen days rest & a full harvest moon, and we're ready to howl again! Besides that, the new season of "America's Top Model" has started, and that's as good as any reason to come back to life and resurrect the glorious days of yesteryear once again, if you catch my drift. So, let's kick off this next round with something from the honour roll of horror masterpieces, "El Fantasma De La Casa Roja" or better known in English as " The Phantom Of The Red House." You got a Devil Club called "El Infierno" with chicks and dudes in Devil outfits, and the "Woodstock" of Mexican music goin' on inside, so grab that shot of tequila & let's get on with the show! José de la Vega is given credit for the music, and probably even K. Gordon Murray doesn't know who the actual performers are, but it's too hot to even care. This is the second song from the whole club scene! Arriba, Arriba, Ai-Yi-Yi, Eeeeeeee!!!

Red House

Thursday, September 13, 2007

DER FALL X701 (Frozen Alive) Eric Spear - "Fire Dancin" (1964)

Well, this is Post # 131, and that's 13 just about any way you look at it, backwards, forwards, upside down, and it seems like that's about as good a place as any to take a break for awhile. Maybe a week or two, maybe until Reverend Frost comes back, we'll just have to see what happens, but there's still lots more music to showcase, so don't worry, we plan on finishing this project. If we go obscure enough, and push the boundaries of what a "Monster" movie is, then we might even come up with 131 more, but for now, Eegah! & Tabonga both need to hibernate a bit! "Frozen Alive" seems very appropriate at this point, and here's the voodoo club scene, fire dancing segment. Legend has it around here that Jimi Hendrix probably saw this movie all stoned out maybe 2 or 3 years before his Monterey performance, and that's where he got the idea to set his guitar on fire like that. If you get a copy of the movie, you can see the performer get down on his knees & start the fire in front of himself, just like Jimi would later do. Now why the "Experience" didn't dress like the band in this club is anybody's guess. Too bad, because if they had, then we would have proof certain. Later!!!

Fire Dance

VOODOO WOMAN - John Blackburn/Darrell Calker - "Voodoo" (1957)

"Voodoo Woman" was one of the last of the lucky 1950's features that got to use the remarkable talents of Paul Blaisdell before the days of the rubber monster were over & replaced with the Beach Ball movies of the 60's. What a truly classic monster maker he was! Unfortunately Paul checked out way back in 1983, probably unaware of what a visionary he was. Anyway, here's to you Paul, the 'Voodoo' scene from "Voodoo Woman."

MONSTER A GO-GO - The Other Three - "At The Party" (1965)

Well, Let's just keep this Friday Night Shindig going, with this wild scene from "Monster A Go-Go," where you got lots of kids ripping it up like there's no tomorrow. Oh, if they only knew what danger lurks in the darkness, they might have a different opinion, but they don't because they're just stupid kids and besides, hey, who cares? It's Friday! Let's Party !! Let's Dance!!!
It's A Party

FRANKENSTEIN"S DAUGHTER - Nicholas Carras - "Bongo Party" (1958)

Here's some Friday night, schools out, I'm off til Monday, party music to start off the weekend. Page, Nicholas & Harold will all be there, so come on down and drink some beer! Wow, what a career Nicholas Carras had. Besides "Frankestein's Daughter," he also composed the music for "She Demons," "Missile To The Moon" & "The Astro-Zombies," the list goes on and on! Party!! Party!! Party!!!

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW - The Renegades - "Charge" (1959)

It's hard to believe, but Yes, there is still more music from "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow." It's possible this movie had more songs than "Westside Story" & "Grease" put together, well, probably not really, but there is a lot of music in this movie & it's All Good, and it all holds up after all these years & that ain't easy to do!! Be the first to have a "Ghost Of Dragstrip Halloween" party in your town this year, it will be a blast!! Let's make it a new tradition, & don't forget to tell 'em that Eegah! & Tabonga sent you! Produced by none other than one of the most amazing minds in music, Mr. Kim Fowley, here's Charge It!!

GOJIRA, EBIRA, MOSURA: NANKAI NO DAIKETTO (Godzilla Versus The Sea Monster) - Masaru Satô - "Opening Credits" (1966)

Here's the opening credits from "Godzilla Versus The Sea Monster" composed by masestro deluxe Masaru Satô. Highly orchestrated, but it's got that electric guitar in there during the intro that gives it that edge! Basically another version of Mosura's theme and you should almost know this song by heart by now, so don't feel bad if you can't stop yourself from singing along. "Mosura, Mosura!"


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

THE DEVIL'S PARTNER - Ronald Stein - "Furnace Flats" (1962)

Here's yet another Ron Stein chugging little background musical interlude piece that's playing on the jukebox again. There's an obvious plot set-up in this scene, "where'd the money come from", but is it really supposed to be comic relief too? It's a small town, so you kind of get the idea, but you really need to see it, so...Get yer own copy or at least borrow one from your cousin!

El SONIDO PREHISTORICO (The Sound Of Horror) - Soledad Miranda - "Maria's Greek Dance" (1964)

As Maria, Soledad Miranda dances a Greek dance as requested in this 1964 Spanish film, this being the other dance sequence that makes up the majority of the best part of this sleeper film. It's quite a treat for the rest of the guys in the movie and no wonder that she went on to be in "Eugénie Sex Happening" & "Vampiros Lesbos" among others before being snatched away in an auto accident in 1970. What a sad loss, only 27 years old! Here's to your memory Soledad!!

Soledad Miranda

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER - Joan Janis - "Dance, Baby, Dance" (Instrumental Version) (1965)

Here's a scene where Mark is out limping around on the beach & literally stumbles upon the girls dancing innocently to a reprise of the title tune "Dance, Baby, Dance" but this time Frankie Jr's vocals are replaced by a smokin' sax! A real fave!! Let's go clamming!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??