Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THE INNOCENTS - George Auric - "O Willow Waly" (1961)

"The Innocents" is a classic piece of work, a movie you can sit down and watch with a person of the opposite sex, have a good time, and not fall asleep! There's no ray-guns, or rubber monsters, but anytime Freddie Francis is involved, it's most likely, you've got a winner, and Freddie was doing the cinematography on this film!

Here's the basic skinny! Deborah Kerr as Miss Giddens and Michael Redgrave as (I love this part) "The Uncle" discuss the job opening he has at his castle as live-in governess, watching over his neice and nephew, because he'd rather hang out at the local pub instead!!

Yeah, it's true, he can't handle this place! Poor bastard!!

Now it's starting to get interesting! The first person that Miss Giddens meets is sweet little Flora! Oh, just like a flower!! Last time we saw Pamela Franklin she was smoking cigarettes in "The Nanny", she sure grew up fast, that would only be 4 years later after this movie! Pamela also went on to be quite the scream queen in the 70's for her roles in movies with titles like "Necromancy", "The Legend Of Hell House", and "Satan's School For Girls!" She's pretty demonic even at this young age!!

Then it's time for that really fun and oh so perfect nephew Miles to come home!! Last time we saw Martin Stephens was in"Village Of The Damned"!!! Is there just something not quite innocent about these kids??

Now tell me this isn't confusing, The housekeeper Miss Jessel is portrayed by Clytie Jessop!! Jessel up and Jessop tight, tonight, isn't that a song by Kool and The Gang or somebody??

So, everything's pretty cool, but then after she gets comfortable, Miss Giddens starts to see strange things!!

Deborah Kerr displays full well the reasons she was nominated for at least six oscars in her career, here, in what amounts to almost a solo outing as Miss Giddens! It's a very strong female lead role, and she pulls it off effortlessly, going from somewhat shy and naive to headstrong and in control!

Miles and Flora both have some real issues, they will just zone out when you're talking to them, and his imaginary friends are more real than most!

I tell you I saw a person right over there, don't you see them???

No, I don't see anything!!

Child prodigy, musician, and composer George Auric showed an interest for avant garde music as a young man which led him to have friends like Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau, and a place in history, as one of the most prolific film composers of all time! Here we have a traditional sounding piece mixed with my favorite, the sounds of nature!!


Greg Goodsell said...

This flick FREAKED me out as a kid. I kept asking my mom if the Martin Stephens character died at the end, and she refused to tell me!

Rachel said...

Small correction. Miss Jessel was portrayed by Clytie Jessop. She did not play the housekeeper, who was portrayed by the brilliant Megs Jenkins.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Rachel, it's refreshing to know that people still dig around in the archives, but I gotta tell you that somebody needs to correct the IMDB, because they've got it the way I said it. Too bad I didn't screencap the credits!!
Great movie any way you view it!!

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