Thursday, February 26, 2009

THE CABINET OF CALIGARI / Associated Producers - 1962 / Music by Gerald Fried

Here is flick that you not see everyday. Weird lil' diddy written by Robert Bloch! Star Glynis Johns, who start acting in 1938 and finally get her own TV series, GLYNIS, in 1963!

Gerald Fried have music honor tonight and do fine job as usual. In case you not familiar with Mr. Fried, here are other flick he knock out... THE VAMPIRE, THE FLAME BARRIER, THE RETURN OF DRACULA, MACHINE-GUN KELLY, THE CRY BABY KILLER, CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN, HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT, THE LOST MISSILE, ONE SPY TOO MANY, and on TV... GILLIGAN'S ISLAND, IT'S ABOUT TIME, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., LOST IN SPACE, STAR TREK, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, MANNIX, ROOTS and beyond!.. Not too bad!

CALIGARI!.. Get out of the cabinet, you wino! Company's here!!

Glynis' sports car just stop, so she start to walk down road. She wander to old dark house and knock on door, and who open it?..

Not really know, hard to tell!..

WOW!.. J. Pat O'Malley, play Perkins in "The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty" and have 212 acting credit!! Then, Estelle Winwood, she play Enchantra in BEWITCHED, play Aunt Hilda in BATMAN and have total of 63 acting credit! And, awesome Constance Ford, she play Bubbles on ANOTHER WORLD 1964-92 with 79 acting credit!

Even though Glynis not really sure what going on, she take time to look extra hot!

Oh, that why she look great, she take nice relaxing bath!.. So soothing! Mmmmm...

Wait a..

What hell??

Caligari and Tabonga think Glynis absolutely smokin' here!!

Here is lame-o attempt to modernize old Caligari motif... Wif' rotating door!!.. Wow.

Okay, Tabonga give credit where due! Pretty creepy thing happen...

Not know why this is creepy, just know it is!

Now, when you have big guy toasting baby in basement, well...

Coo coo! Coo coo! Coo coo!.. Oh, and you hear air raid siren go off like in cartoon too!

If you can identify this image, you're cured!

So, Glynis finally get to leave Nut Central. Hey, how come she all old?!


Greg Goodsell said...

Robert Bloch spent a great deal of his autobography "Once Around the Bloch" discussing his unhappy experiences with this picture. The producer was a flake who had never produced a film before, and dressed head-to-toe in green like a leprechaun. No one reportedly got paid and it's been languishing in obscurity ever since. Johns, perhaps best known as the dotty suffragette mother in MARY POPPINS was a bit too long in the tooth to be a seductress at this point but -- this is a plot point leading up to the big shock conclsuion!

buzz said...

This film crops up frequently on the Fox Movie Channel. If it had any name other than THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI it would have probably been better received and more fondly remembered. It's not a bad movie, just a mediocre one.

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