Saturday, October 29, 2022

DWRAYGER DUNGEON - "R.I.P." (2007 - 2022)

Well, here we are the end of Countdown to Halloween, and it's with a heavy heart, I have to tell you that Tabonga and I have made the collective decision that after 15+ years, 3,567 posts, and over 4 million hits, it's time, and this is The End of Dwrayger Dungeon.

Maybe a couple of of our 888 followers will be sad about it..............

..................But we feel we've accomplished everything and more than we originally set out to do!
When I started this blog, we were old, and now we're really old, although one time somebody actually accused us of being a couple of twelve year olds.

It was only supposed to be about the music in the monster movies of the 50's and 60's, and I thought it would end after about 200 posts.

I loathed the first time I had to write about a movie from the 70's, and the 80's were definitely not in the plans at all, but once the ball got rolling, there was no stopping it until now, and as The Chambers Brothers said, "Now the time has come, there is time to realize."

But before we sail off into the sunset forever, there is one small sliver of hope!

Instead of The End, there is always the possibility that this is going to just be one long intermission, but I wouldn't count on it. 

Fifteen years, doing four posts a week, without ever missing one, and I think we've actually highlighted more weird films and TV shows that anyone, but now with 1000's of people doing it, the fire has burned out, we're toast, and it's time for us to go!

We have had some good times, learned a Helluva lot, and have met some great folks along the way, and to each and every one of you I say Cheerz!!
And an extra special thanx to Lord Litter, Kevin, Michael, Greg and Gordon for all their help over the years!

This is where it all started, and this is where it ends!
It's been fun, thanks for joining us on this krazy roller coaster ride!
Be good!!


Dr. Theda said...

Don't "sign off" ... really enjoy your wonderful posts !!!!

Ben said...

I will miss you guys - thanks for always being there with a little something to cheer me up.

Abraham said...

And Mr Bill screams "Ohhhhh Nooooooooooooooooo!"

MisterE. said...

Hello, you wonderful dungeon people.
I've been following your highly entertaining and informative posts for years on end and I deeply regret that you're signing off.
But as all good things must come to an end, I'd like to express my gratitude for your exceptional and valuable contributions to the blogger's world, and specially for brightening up many a day of my life.
My most sincere THANKS to all of you, and all my best.
E. from Belgium.

Edward said...

Oh noes! Now there's no reason left for the internet to exist. What will I do with my time on Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday?

At least I've already gone back to communicating mostly via the USPS.

Best of luck and hope to hear more from the Dungeon in some way or form!


Randall Landers said...

I understand completely. You guys are awesome for having done it so regularly for so long. I hope you'll enjoy your retirement, but if you don't, we would welcome you back!

Live long and prosper!

Randall Landers

Robert M. Lindsey said...

Wow, I've followed for years, even if I'm not a regular commenter. But I understand, I've had a blog and website die for various reasons and I admire your tenacity! Good luck on all your future ventures!

Grant said...

This is terrible news. I've been with you almost forever.

Peterpeter said...

Thank you for the wonderful work you have done over the years
Good memories only! Happy trails

kd aka Kevin D. said...

Sad to learn this, but I am happy to have been a small part of the Dungeon Family!

Thanks to EEGAH and TABONGA for creating a major (and favorite!) blog and website and contribution to the "interwebs" with their Dungeon of fun and informational tribute to genre films and related stuff, giving me a place to hang out and join the chatter with my often-silly posts. I've enjoyed this more than I can say, you all got me through a tough time in my life (the sudden passing of my wonderful wife 2.5 years ago), but getting older and poor health has made it a bit more of a challenge keeping up with everything going on, so I give a salute and many thanks to the Keepers of the Dungeon and the rest of the family, for welcoming me and giving me a place to be the windy commenter that I am! ;D

Love you guys!

kd aka Kevin D.

제임스본드 said...

I don't know how to say.
I'm nobody but a big fan of your marvelous works.
It is so sad that this could be an end.
However I wish you the best of luck!

SCB said...

All good things must come to an end, but this one really hurts. This was one of my first blogs! I discovered it in 2006, was obsessed for a few years, life events and my own aging made me go dormant for a while; Covid-19 brought me back in a big way, and I was relieved you were still here. It made me feel like a kid again; I got the same feeling from the blog I used to get when I watched a classic monster movie on a Saturday afternoon, or bought an issue of Famous Monsters Magazine. But I guess monsters never die. We will meet again someday, on a warm Halloween afternoon, or a quiet matinee. Goodbye Eegah! and Tabonga!- Joe (aka SCB).

Secret Squirrel said...

You guys did a fantastic job over the years, giving me plenty of laughs and new insights into stacks of classic sci-fi (and a lot of not-so-classic stuff too). I honestly don't know how you continued it for so long, but the fact you did made me respect you guys all the more.

I'm truly sad to see an end to the blog but I fully understand. Best wishes and a long life for you both of you.


Paul from Australia (as if there's only one Paul in the whole country)

SampleScience said...

I've been a fan for many years and I'll miss your posts. They were fun, and light-hearted and made me discover movies and series I had never heard of before. Thank you!

R. Claude said...

Thanks for all these years of funny discoveries (movies, music, toons, etc.) and a happy new year from Geneva/Switzerland.


Anonymous said...

Followed you guys for years (i’m 66)
Lost you when I accidentally deleted my browsing history and life got too busy.
Sad you have stopped, but I hear where you’re coming from. Saturday double features at my local theater, snowy B+W movies from distant Boston…i loved it all! The Sons of Hercules, Planet of the Vampires, Ride The Wild Surf forever! Hope you guys are healthy and safe.
Ciao….Evan Williams

Anonymous said...

2nd time reading this site and your leaving? Are you going to leave up a memorial page you once in awhile make a comment something anything or enjoy your free time

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

For now, just really enjoying the free time!

Anonymous said...

There should be a place on the internet where such sites can exist forever... I've seen too many cool sites disappear over the years.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

The Internet Archive does that to some degree. Here's an example.*/dwrayger%20dungeon

Good place to donate $20.00 to for the amazing work they do.

Mikalo said...

Just found your blog looking for "Tarantulas - The Deadly Cargo" and i was amazed by the quantity of reviews you made. Just wanted to say well done! Hope you're doing well.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Mikalo! Sometimes I wish we were still active.

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