Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KILINK ISTANBUL'DA / Turkey - 1967 / Music by Necip Saricioglu

All Tabonga can say, this flick way out there!.. All way past Eris!! Even though made in Turkey! Word is, Kilink dude is total steal from famous Italian 'Killing' skeleton costume character!!

Tabonga have to look on credit roll to find name of tonight' music composer, Necip Saricioglu. Stuff damn good!

Hungry? Time for... TURKEY & CHEESECAKE SAM'MICH! Gobble, gobble!

So, flick start when big-time scientist bring anti-super hero Kilink back to land of the living... To kill again!

So, old good-guy guru-dude sense trouble and conjure up spell for...

That right, SUPERMAN!!

Okay, so far rip off 1. Killing, 2. Shazam and 3. Superman!.. Preddy good!! Atchily, he look like Batman wearing Superman costume!!

Kilink and gang like to stand around and come up wif' devilish plan.

Gee, beautiful gurl can't even strip properly wif'out skeleton watch through the window!

Whoa!! She pull gun from butt crack!! Damn, they know how to make flick in Turkey!

Oh, he like rough sex, too.

Here is Superman 'before and after!'

Turkish mafia at work, circa 1967!

Kilink really know how to mess with gurlz!! Finally, he get to mess with Superman' gurlfriend!

Cool when see Kilink do own dirty work!!

Tabonga copy of flick stop before end, so Tabonga end post the same way...


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Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...

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Monster Music
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