Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CURSE OF THE STONE HAND / Jerry Warren - 1964 / Music by ?

Here at Dungeon, ever'bloody love Jerry Warren, but, after we sit through this flick, well, bring out boxing glove with sharp spike on end!!! And, Tabonga almost get fired for bring home such POS!!

Of course, music by nobloody! as mastermind Jerry running this rubber room on wheels! Pretty sure though, it original soundtrack from flick Jerry operate on wif'out knock-out drops!

Oh, just hit it!.. CURSE OF THE JERRY!

Lady and gremlins, presenting!.. Ta Da!.. STONE HAND!! Look like it gettin' ready to shoot Jerry big bird!

Then, dude making decent painting.

Then, gurl spin roulette wheel... WHEEEE!!!

Then, dude get staring look on face.

Then, Jerry spend 3 cent for insert shot to help tie everything together at end.

Then, old guy catch ugly...

Then, lady turn to bonehead.

Then, show nice shot of card.

Then, near end, show Catherine Victor and John Carradine.

Then, Catherine scream!

Then, camera show this.

Okay, Tabonga gonna spill beans on you now!!

Somehow... Leave it to Jerry!.. He use TWO! Chilean flick!! from 1945!!! to bring this Jerrystein to life! Man, he one very clever, money saving SOB!

So, if you have courage of a madman, then, by all means, check out this life-sucking, mind-twister yawn-fest by the master...

Then, you understand!

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Dr. Jitters said...

I love your blog and your funny comments! Gracias.

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Monster Music
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