Monday, February 16, 2009

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF TIME - John Barber (Music Editor) - "Time Warp" (1967)

You know stuff, like mole persons and black lagoon creatures is all right, but is it better if a movie is cheap as Hell, but in colour? Whaddaya think?? Tonight's film would be a prime example!!

From 1967, it's "Journey To The Center OF Time" starring perennial Dungeon favorite, the amazing Anthony Eisley and a lady whose talent is only overshadowed by her beauty, the utterly fantastic Gigi Perreau!!!

"How long does my Father have to be dead before you bury him?" That's what classic A-Hole played by Scott Brady needs to know!!

What's really important; I think the Pop-Tarts are ready!!!

What the heck does RAE stand for???

It's okay, it won't matter in about two seconds!!!

Why in the world are they watching "Angry Red Planet" on the big TV?

The laid off construction workers of the future show up just in time to create havoc!

In the future you're not special unless you have your own pedestal to stand on, so that your admiring environs can gaze up at you wistfully from below!

I can't figure it out, and you can't figure it out, and Anthony says it's not even worth trying!!!!

Gigi just keeps standing around looking as hot as a red hot flame, and that's hot enough!!

Long before the late Robert Palmer thought of it, the producers of this film knew how to have a winner, get rid of all the ugly dudes and surround yourself with women!!!! Right On!!

There doesn't seem to be a specific composer for the score of "Journey To The Center Of Time," but a Mr. John Barber, gets credit as music editor in his only outing. Back when we wrote about "The Mighty Gorga", we knew we'd heard the music before, but couldn't identify the source, well, now we know, it's this film, and it's no coincidence that el cheapo recycler, producer, director David L. Hewitt was indeed the man responsible for both!!!


Anonymous said...

"It's just a jump to the left..."

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That simple comment made me laugh! Thanx Buzz!!

Greg Goodsell said...

The people in this film forgot at some point that film is supposed to be an ENTERTAINMENT medium ......

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