Sunday, February 15, 2009

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON / Universal - 1954 / Music by Mancini, Salter & Stein

This is The Dungeon's 650th posting! The next two Sundays are going to have George Pal movies, so, get ready for those! We did THE MOLE PEOPLE last night, so, we'll just keep the dial tuned to the same channel!

Tonight's excellent Universal movie probably features their finest creature, and, they have designer Milicent Patrick to thank! Her other uncredited creature design credits for Universal are The Mutant in THIS ISLAND EARTH, The Alien in IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, and, the monster masks in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE... She was also an actress.

Again, Universal uses bits and pieces from their uncredited composers Mancini, Salter and Stein that we've already written about before. If you didn't really know yer stuff, it'd be hard to discern the difference among a number of their themes in the fifties like THE LAND UNKNOWN, THE MOLE PEOPLE, THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE and MONOLITH MONSTERS.

Let's take a trip to THE BLACK LAGOON!

You would have probably heard that eerie keyboard right about here.

When you find the fossil of an unknown creature in the Amazon, well, you get a bunch of people together and go lookin' for stuff, no?

Good call, bringing along Julie (Julia) Adams!!

Nice album cover!

Its a good thing Julie's got TWO hunks to keep an eye on her!.. Love those guys!

Lots of posters tonight. And, why not, they're great!

That's one tricky Creature!


The background in the poster actually looks like the Amazon.

You better have some backup if you go up against the Creature!!

Alas, poor Creature, but, you'll be back!!

Super 8 artwork von Deutschland!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally got to see this film in 3D, with glasses and everything, at the San Diego Comic-Con a few years back. A real treat because this has always been one of my favorite sci-fi/ monster flicks.

I always liked Julia Adams also.
She was the "Jessica Alba" of her generation.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??