Friday, October 28, 2022

AI - Visions Of HELL

I thought It'd be fun for my last Halloween Countdown post to get real with some artwork created by Artificial Intelligence! After reading about and viewing artwork of human's concept of Hell, they came up with their own versions, it's freaking amazing and really creepy!!

This one has an M. C. Escher vibe to it.

This one is a Biblical concept of Hell, seems pretty accurate.

The AIs obviously viewed the Hellish artwork of Heironymus Bosch, amazing!

Extra intriguing are the photograph they created, this is the Gate To Hell.

This is a rendering of some Lost Souls.

Hell, their artwork can make real artists very jealous, it's so beautiful in all its horror! Love the way the red is worked in.

Here are two examples of Psychedelic Hell, yes, they melded those two concepts into one. It actually looks like a pretty cool place!

This is another photograph AI generated, wow.

As an artist, I am sooo jealous!

Get this one, it's a Claymation Hell image, creepy fun!

This is a Horror Hell image, what's wild is, AI includes writing here that makes no sense, that tickles my Horror Bone! Very nice artwork to say the least.

And guess what! AI makes videos of Hell too, here are a few images from one bad trip to the bowels of the Earth.

It's one Hell of a roller coaster ride ta' HECK!!

And, it doesn't get any better, til next time...

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