Thursday, February 12, 2009

INCUBUS / Contempo III Productions - 1965 / Music by Dominic Frontiere

Okay, get ready for super oddity from 1965, star William Shatner and produce by Leslie Stevens, Mr. OUTER LIMITS!.. Film in Big Sur with dialogue in Esperanto!!


About time we feature Mr. Dominic Frontiere!!!

Here is why, other thing he do music for, all TV - 31 episode OUTER LIMITS, 15 episode THE INVADERS, 37 episode THE RAT PATROL, THE FUGITIVE, THAT GIRL, THE FLYING NUN! Oh, and one flick he do... HANG 'EM HIGH!!!

Hit it, Ralphie!.. OUTER INCUBUS!

Start with dude be all drunk. He very horny for beautiful gurlie he lookin' at. Dude act like total pervert, a very disgusting galoot!

Okay, now, she not helping!!

Atchally, gurlie was fooling big, dumb, drunk-on-ass fool who even trip and hit head hard on big rock, but he keep on following pipe dream anyway!!!

Trust me, dude get less than what he deserve here! Oh well, one more soul for good old Satan!!

On way home to gingerbread house, witch gurlie see Marc and sister, just sitting there. Nice shot!

So, Kia fall in love wif' Marc, but head honcho try to remind her why she here and who she work for!!

Witch gurlz say lots Esperanto word and Incubus crawl out of grave! He needed for duty!!

In meantime, Marc fall asleep and have pretty bad dream!!

Incubus kinda creepy...

Marc save Kia from goat at end, so, he give her extra tight hug!


prof. grewbeard said...

great, i was hoping ya'll would get around to this one! Dominic also did the music for a 1971 film "A Name For Evil". there is a cd available for that film that also includes the score he did for the Outer Limits episode "The Unknown". recommended, of course!

Brian Barker said...

I've just found out that Science Fiction writer, and Esperanto speaker Uncle Forry did the Esperanto text for "Incubus"

Bill Shatner was not the first Hollywood star to use Esperanto in their films. Charlie Chaplin used it in "The Great Dictator" on all the shop signs, and Laurel & Hardy used it their film "The Road to Morocco".

Parts of Charlie Chaplin's Esperanto contribution can be seen on

Wendel said...

Wasn't "Road to Morocco" a Hope and Crosby vehicle?

RODAN! said...


Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??