Sunday, February 22, 2009

DESTINATION MOON / George Pal - 1950 / Music by Leith Stevens

Although ROCKETSHIP X-M was first into space in 1950, and was supposed to end up on the Moon, George Pal beat everyone there with the help of his little 'pal,' Woody Woodpecker! Get ready for lots of great stills tonight on Sunday Classics...

One thing different about this space opera... NO WOMEN!

Before getting into the Monster Music part of these Movies and becoming more familiar with the composers, there was one piece that I always thought captured the perfect 'space feel' for me the best, and, Leith Stevens is that composer!

In the late forties, there was only one way to get such an elite project off the ground!.. WOODY WOODPECKER!!

Considering that Woody was part of the Universal family, its hard to believe that, basically, nobody even knows who he is anymore! By the way, LIFE Magazine did an article on DESTINATION MOON.

Woody shows all the viewers just exactly how space travel works!.. Yes, its that simple!!

Before you go to the Moon, well, you have to make the rocket!

There are b/w clips of the different stages of construction of The Spaceship Luna used in the 1960 Mexican flick, CONQUISTADOR DE LA LUNA!


I wish I had one of those in my living room!

Perfect spot for a little levity!

Astronaut trainees get out on the wrong side of the ship!!

The Luna, the greatest spaceship design of the fifties!!

We totally love Chesley Bonestell, too. When I was five, we got some encyclopedias that had a number of his pieces in the 'ASTRONOMY' volume. Next week we have an interesting Bonestell story for another Pal movie.

Classic issue!


Okay, Atlas, hold that pose!!

"We made it all the way back home!"

And, some bonus album covers!!


Greg Goodsell said...

I remember Woody Woodpecker! I used to own a naughty novelty record that was a 78 by a female vocalist who drew out the words -- "Woody -- Wood -- Pecker song!"

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE those album covers, especially the last one! Thanks for A great blog post.

Anonymous said...

there is also an adaption of DM on the OTR show DImension X.

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