Sunday, February 1, 2009

DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS / Danziger Productions Ltd. - 1954 / Music by Edwin Astley

Its about time for this title!.. Growing up in the fifties, I remember, this one played a lot on TV. For a low budget British production based on a play, it has some interesting things going on. Hazel Court!.. Patricia Laffan!!.. Even as a kid, I was very attracted to Nyah!

Later, British composer Edwin Astley had a pretty extensive career on UK TV. Here are a few other movie titles he worked on... WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS, THE GAY DOG, CONTRABAND SPAIN, TRIPLE BLACKMAIL, THE HORNET'S NEST, FUN AT ST. FANNY'S, WOMANEATER, THE GIANT BEHEMOTH, ZOO BABY, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE RELUNCTANT NUDIST!!..

Tonight, though, is only his 5th effort... DEVILISH MARTIAN GODDESS!

Devil Girl overshoots her London target and has to land her big spinning top, she lands it next to an inn on the British countryside.

All the buzzing and whirring stops, then, Nyah makes her entrance!.. Actually, I guess, exit! Anyway, a stunning speciman of extraterrestrial womanhood! Hubba, hubba!!

*Some of us here at The Dungeon have a warped sense of reality!! Too much time in the 'suspension of disbelief' chamber I suppose!

It looks like she has a mean streak! She finds the doltish inn helper and vaporizes him, leaving only his glasses laying on the ground!.. Sheesh!!

I love the way she puts this 'scientist' in his place!

She shows the puny Earthlings some of the awesome power at her disposal!.. A giant refrigerator of doom! There's also an invisible wall around the place!!

She gives the 'scientist' a look at the ship's interior.. Very impressive, she made the trip from Mars in less than 5 Earth hours!!!

She can hypnotize!!

She can make everything fuzzy where you feel faint and fixated.

Albert gets to switch places with the child she was going to take back to Mars with her. The 'scientist' has told him how to sabotage the spaceship once they get in the air.

And, so, the lowly 'scientist' gets the last laugh and Albert saves the Earth!


Lacey said...

I, too, am an officiant of classic scifi movies, having spent countless cold,wet, Saturday afternoons in front of the T.V. set. This one was one of the worst.

I usually like British SciFi but this "adaptation from a play," makes "Plan 9 from Outer Space" look like "Citizen Kane." 3/4 of it is a steady shot of the town folk at the local pub, lamenting their plight. Your stills are more interesting than this film.

After 10 minutes you are rooting for the martian.

Thanks for the post and thanks for the memories.

Greg Goodsell said...

The lead has a defintie S & M bent about her. Crack that whip!

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