Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THE UNEARTHLY - Henry Vars - "Time For Music" (1957)

Tonight's feature is pretty standard fare for all the film freaks out there, and for good reason, and that one reason is, it's "Unearthly"!!!!!!! The word "Unearthly" has a couple of different meanings that are at odds with each other, it means eerie or strange and it also means perfect! "Unearthly" is also defined as unreasonable, hence I think that pretty much defines this whole movie! Kind of like Gawdawful!!

Hey everybody, meet Danny Green, as played by the unforgettable Arthur Batanides! Last time we saw Arthur, he was going for some jewelry, but got a ring he didn't want in "The Leech Woman."

What a tough job, hassling the February, 1957 Playmate Of The Month, the "Unearthly" Miss Sally Todd! I honestly believe Arthur was capable of playing one of the most annoying characters ever! He really knew how to be perfectly obnoxious!!

Barbara Payton's story was sad indeed, but the saddest story of the era, is the story of Dungeon Fave, the beyond "Unearthly" Allison Hayes! Allison got one of the rawest deals of all time, seeing some quack doctor who prescribed her to take pills made from horses like 50 years old with a lead percentage akin to living in a nuclear power plant. She felt like Hell, but she trusted her doctor, so he doubled her prescription, and her health just continued to distenegrate. Allison was finally able to diagnose her own problem by reading and reseaching, but it was too late. She had lead poisoing, which led to leukemia and her final demise at 46 years of age. What a drag!!! We all miss Allison a lot!!

John Carradine is causing problems again, this time as Dr. Charles Conway, brilliant mad scientist and mediocre organist!!


Okay, Tor's got a gun, and Arthur's got his mouth and the guy in the middle is Myron Healey as Mark Houston. I don't think Myron ever did any other monster movies, he was too busy making like 9 million TV and film westerns!! Pretty tough dude for a guy named Myron!

This is Tor Johnson's job, and he was unmatched in his ability to carry women around and look good at it!!

Oh, no, what happened to Sally?

Doctor, do you know what happened to Sally?? Oh, No, not me!!

One year later after "The Black Sleep" and they're still keeping creature peoples down, but this "Unearthly" crew might live on forever! Oh, crap, more prisons!!
More menacing monster makeup by the master, Scary Harry Thomas makes this movie stick in your mind more than anything, and we've written about him before, the composer for the music in "The Unearthly" was the magnificent Henry Vars!!


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the character Myron played in Varan was so obnoxiously Manifest Destiny, it isn't even funny! well, barely...

Monster Music

Monster Music
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