Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ATOMIC RULERS Of The World / Japan - 1964 / Music by Michiaki Watanabe

Welp, look like Tabonga giving Starman last send off back to Emerald Planet for good tonight. Goo'bye, old pal...

And, if music sound familiar, that because composer is awesome Mr. Michiaki Watanabe and he do all the Starman flick!!.. By self!

Okay, give Ralphie second to get in room... Now, finally by big red button... Hit it!.. ONE MORE TIME!

When Tabonga say 'atomic' then Tabonga mean 'atomic!'

If you not know story of Starman' special watch, then, you need to watch this, ATTACK FROM SPACE, EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE or INVADERS FROM SPACE!!

Anyway, before he go kick bad guy' ass, Starman help out airliner in trouble with tail fin!

Dang!.. Starman can follow bad guys easy!

Now, that one damn good trick, there!!

Here is bad guy' lab. Did you notice devil head on wall?

Starman can sword fight!

Bad guy dude try to hide from Starman.

Starman can stop car in tracks...

Can tear living crap outta steel bars too!!

Atomic maniacs runnin' show from Texas!

And, Starman not need help, he take care of ever'bloody by self!


prof. grewbeard said...

i think you meant INVADERS FROM SPACE, not WARNING FROM SPACE. in fact, i know you did!

Eegah!!! said...

It would appear that Tabonga got his Star Man and his Star Creatures bas-ackwards! Those Japanese movies will do that to you with titles like "Attack All Monsters" and "All Monsters Attack!" Yow!! Root rot!!

TABONGA! said...

You think when flick start on Emerald Planet with starfish dudes and swaying Saturn, well, Starman around the corner, you know?.. What hell?!

buzz said...

Where do I find Atomic Rulers? The local art shop only has plastic and wooden ones...

Eegah!! Rodan! and Tabonga! said...

Look in the military section!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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