Friday, February 13, 2009

LA GUERRA DEI ROBOT - Marcus Griffen (Marcello Giombini) - "Stratostars" (1978)

It's a Freaky Funky Friday The 13th, and since it just doesn't get much better than that, let's get it on with tonight's feature outta Italy, "La Guerra Dei Robot" or "War Of The Robots"!!!!

Although he had been writing music for the movies since 1961, the incredible Marcello Giombini, working, and getting credited here as Marcus Griffen, hadn't really worked in any horror of sci-fi genres until the mid 70's. You're going to really like Marcello's electrosonic score! It's not quite like anything else we've heard around beautiful this area, lately!

Is it real difficult to tell this movie was made in the 70's?? Check out this cat's space robe!

There is no shortage of less than macho lookin' dudes in silver suits and blonde wigs. I think they would have looked spacier if they had those multi-coloured wigs like the girls at "The Crazy Horse" in Vegas!!

Then the newly crowned champion of the "Universal Innerstellar Wrasslin' Federation" steps in to show off his stuff!!

It's just like some kind of "Krazy Dream," all of a sudden everybody's disco dancing, I mean Kung-Fu fighting to the beat! Hah!!

These guys remind me a lot of an English band from 1965 called "The Hullaballoos!" They all had long bleach blonde hair or wigs, and their songs all sounded like Buddy Holly covers!! Rave on!!

Um, very interesting "Star Wars" was released one year earlier than "War Of The Robots!" Imagine that!!

The maximum veritable epitome of Spaceness, 1978 Italian style!!!

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