Monday, February 2, 2009

ESCAPEMENT - Soundrama - "Electronic Monster" (1958)

So, Hey, this is a movie about Dream Therapy, and you really can't expect me to write anything much about dreams from 51 years ago, because I can barely write about reality today, but anyhow, that's why they call it "Escapement"!!!!!! You might just want to lay your head back and close your eyes as you listen to the lush and wondrous sounds of "Soundrama" with the aid of John Simmons as electronic consultant and Richard Taylor as music director for the non-electronic parts!!!

If it hadn't been some Hollywood big shot, nobody would have ever noticed or cared!!

So send in Rod Cameron as Jeff Keenan to check it out!! Film and TV veteran Rod had been acting since 1939, which included his 104 episodes of "State Trooper" as Rod Blake and what seems like thousands of cowboy roles! What a voice, what a guy!!

So here's the dream machine, very similar to the colour brain exchange version in "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter!" The patient gets one and the doctor gets one! Night night, sleep tight, sweet dreams!!!

Here comes the hard part, picking out just the right tape!! What a nice selection!! I wish that was our film library!!!

The 'dream sequences' were photographed by some wild man named Teddy Catford!! What the Hell kind of a dream this is supposed to be is way beyond me, weird!

Just like magic, the dreams are getting better and worse all at the same time

No, Hell No, don't stop there!!

You got it, yep, you figured it out!! AAAAaaarrrauggghhhhhhhHHH!!!!!!!! Dude, you're drooling!!!

If nothing else, there was this one Great Escape anyhow!!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Footage of the guy in the helmet from this film was back projected at a Butthole Surfers concert I attended back in the Eighties!

Anonymous said...

This is a great film -- deeply underrated. Montgomery Tully did excellent work here -- the forerunner of THE MIND BENDERS, ALTERED STATES and, of course, AVATAR. Great site -- thanks for the sound clip, as well.

Anonymous said...

what a horridly under rated TREASURE! Teddy Catford and crew rendered artistry of THE first magnitude to us in the enthralling "Dream sequence" dances!! the indescribably disturbing organ piece places us in another dimension...creepy ..scary..wondrous!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

An exquisite treasure by the mastery of all!! The Teddy Catford organ and dream sequence? fiendishly addictive an unspeakably windrous work

Anonymous said...

Am not anonymous but quickest way to post a note currently... FYI & amusement; the guy operating the dream machine (that image used in the "Escapement" film poster and who wears the white lab coat in the "Electronic Monster" film poster is my late Grandfather Carl Heinz Jaffé - who also played dr. Marks in "The Atomic Man" AKA "Timeslip" and Dr Paul Von Essen in "First Man Into space" - among others... I have rare film PR stills can share if you may be interested let me know - Michael Jaffé

EEGAH!! said...

Are you kidding Michael? We'd love to see and share some production stills! Leave a comment with your email address, and we won't post it, but I'll get in contact with you directly! Thank-you!

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