Thursday, February 19, 2009

MACABRE / Allied Artists - 1958 / Music by Les Baxter

With MACABRE, William Castle decide he want to produce horror, not cowboy flick no more! After this, he make in a row... HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE TINGLER, 13 GHOSTS, HOMICIDAL, MR. SARDONICUS, ZOTZ!, 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS, THE OLD DARK HOUSE, STRAIGHT-JACKET, NIGHT WALKER, I SAW WHAT YOU DID, LET'S KILL UNCLE...

Theme play at end, and for Tabonga, not really match what I see on screen for last hour and 15 minute!! But, typical goofy when you have Jay Ward-style credits like LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! Theme sound full of fun and have grand scale feel, but flick down and dirty, mean and nasty all the way through!! But, call on awesome music genius Les Baxter anyway!!

Hit it, Ralphie!.. Here is lighter side of MACABRE!

Jim Backus pretty sure he know a sleaze ball when he talk to one.

Many unreal thing start to happen after William Prince hear that daughter is buried alive in graveyard...

Okay, here is best example ever of Castle gimmick!! Turn out... It her father come to help!!! Oh, and one for Kreng!

Coo coo kachoo!..

While looking for daughter in funeral home, Jim find William and give him nice stiff jab to face before excellent punch to stomach!! By far, Tabonga' favorite part of flick!

Funeral at midnight, in rain?!

Guess what inside coffin?

Right, William' daughter!

Gramps have big cardiac and fall face first in open grave where they luckily store running camera!!

Philip Tonge die next year after appear in INVISIBLE INVADERS as Dr. Adam Penner.

Weirdo Ed spill beans with doll and then throw payoff money back in William' face. William make up everything to kill gramps for money, it work, but he get caught and expose for greasy weasel that he is!!.. Now pretend you hear Woody Woodpecker give laugh to William, bonified A-HOLE #1!

Cool credits!!


Greg Goodsell said...

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William Castle said...

This is great. Could you hear me laughing!!!!!

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Monster Music
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