Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ISLAND OF TERROR - Malcolm Lockyer - "Isotopes" (1966)

Unless you really start thinking about it, you just don't really realize how many 'Island Monster/Voodoo/Jungle Out Of Control' movies were really made back in the good old days!! We still haven't counted them all either, but for now, here's one more!!

This time it's a UK Planet Productions film from 1966 called "Island Of Terror" and it's a fun, but silly little romp!

The love affair between Edward Judd and Carole Gray was just heating up, but as luck would have it, it would have to be postponed, or we got a completely different story!! The Doc does have a cool bachelor pad though!!

Composer Malcolm Lockyer is the gentleman responsible for the music, having also composed the music for "Dr. Who and the Daleks" and many other non-horror films. To show you his ability to swing, he also conducted The Million Airs Orchestra in 26 Glenn Miller tribute concerts before his death in 1976. A very talented man without a doubt!

I never get this part, the door says "Keep Out Radiation Danger" and they act like it says "Welcome!! Please come in!

It's not like they didn't really a have a warning!!

Then the really stupid looking killer mutant cancer cell disgustingly splits open and spills out it's chicken noodle soup guts to the world!

He's killed a number a of vampires in his career, but it looks like Peter Cushing has finally met his match!! Screams for Kreng in the background!

"Thunderbirds" composer Barry Gray is credited for any electronic sound effects you might hear in this man with no bones or any number of the other scary scenes!

What is it anyhow, are people just inherently stupid? I distinctly heard the man say, "Stay Away From The Windows!!" See where not listening gets you, kids??

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Greg Goodsell said...

This has surprisingly graphic content in it -- check out the scene where Peter Cushing begs to get his arm hacked off!

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