Saturday, June 21, 2008

FORBIDDEN PLANET / MGM - 1956 / Electronic Tones by Louis and Bebe Barron

Tonight we're doing something a little different... You can enjoy the wonders of Altair 4 and the Krell without the burden of captions while you monitor this piece of classic Krell music! Just seems like an appropriate thing to do!.. Everything's already been said about this great movie, anyway!

If you haven't seen the 1958 MGM sci-fi movie, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, lately, well, you will not believe what an absolutely horrible piece of crap it is!!! Overacting is used to make up for no budget, the old geezers are constantly bickering, etc., etc. Okay, then, their gyroscope goes haywire and what's the sound effect they use??? The sound from FORBIDDEN PLANET, of course, where the guys are landing and coming out of hyper drive!! MGM!.. Get it?.. It's pathetic and it just ain't right!! And, even more of those sounds are used in Jerry Warren's FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF that we've already archived! Everything's for sale!!

So, just sit back and enjoy the tones by this unearthly couple!! KRELL MUSIC

Goodbye Altair 4!.. Goodbye Morbius!.. Goodbye Krell!..


Frederick said...

Krell music? You call that music?

Unfortunatly, the music we hear in the movie is a sample of the new music that the kids were listening to on Altair 4 just before the end.

I can picture some kids tooling around in their flying vehicles, irritating their elders with the noisome Krell Rap, wearing their pants down around thier knees, and in general distracting them from noticing they were about to unleash their rage via the new machine.

It was rap that caused the downfall of the Krell, much as it will our great civilization.

EclecticMuzikMan said...
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