Monday, June 9, 2008

ORLAK, EL INFIERNO DE FRANKENSTEIN (Orlak, The Hell Of Frankenstein) - Rosa de Castilla "Clubbin' With Orlak" (1960)

Here's an off-beat film for an off night, a 1960 Mexican film called "Orlak, El Infierno de Frankenstein".

Shot in four parts either as a TV show or to dodge union regulations or both, this film directed by Rafael Baledón ain't really that bad of a Mexican take on the "Frankenstein" tale. Any musical credits have to go to Rubén Fuentes!

To keep it lively, we get the treat of seeing Rosa de Castilla doing a couple of numbers where she goes out and mingles with the crowd in the club, and they applaud every little thing she does!!! It's even better than Las Vegas!!

Wink, wink, nod, nod!! There seems to be a bit of doubt to the seriousness of the whole affair once you're safely in the club!

The boxhead routine has never been truer to form than in this film. A lot of boxheads around the world have come and gone since 1960, but not one has surpassed the quality of the boxhead in this movie!!

Good luck finding a decent copy, and don't bother looking for a copy in English, they don't even exist with sub-titles!!


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This movie is available on DVD in Mexico. I have it but of course no subtitles.

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