Monday, January 18, 2010

Il MULINO DELLE DONNE DI PIETRA (Mill Of The Stone Women) - Carlo Innocenzi - "Everybody Must Get Stoned" (1960)

"Mill Of The Stone Women" is another one of those great movies to look at and you really think, "this is going to be good," and it WAS pretty damn good for 1960, but, when's it's over, you wonder why you didn't take a nap instead!!

It's freaky-arty-farty right out of the box, but not that stoned!!

It's also another one of those family movies that didn't quite make the Disney mark despite being a story about a very strong love of a father for his daughter, very similar to the classic "Eyes Without A Face" and other family laugh riots!!

This is Pierre Brice as the man whose name is a mouthful, Hans von Arnim! Pierre started his career as a singer, and continues to work in film today!

The honourable Wolfgang Preiss is one evil sumbitch as Dr. Loren Bohlem! I've been writing a bit to an old friend and film buff auf Deutschland, Lord Litter by name, and it reminded me I had this cut by Heinz Kuppers that I used on a V/A comp tape back in the day. You'll understand when you click on Wolfgang! Is that the coolest name ever! Wolfgang's been in a bunch of Dr. Mabuse and Edgar Wallace films and always does a killer job of looking totally menacing!!

Just a little bit weirder than your neighborhood 'run of the mill' mill!!

I'm sure a lot of the heavy handed atmospheric conditions are attributable to cinematographer Pier Ludovico Pavoni, a man who went on to do a haunted forest full of sword and sandal flicks!!

So, everybody having a good time? Then, grab a pretzel and a stein of beer, and join in the party!!

Because amid all this doom and gloom, tonight we have Liana Orfei, as Annelore the lovely bar maid, to dance and sing for us!!!

Okay, okay, hey you over there, get offa your butt, cause it's time to get down and POLKA!!!! Okay, okay, speaking of polka, should you ever get a chance to be fortunate enough to have an opportunity to see the San Francisco hardcore polka band 'Polkacide', do whatever it takes, and you have my own personal guarantee, you won't regret it!!!

Oops!! Party's over!!!

After he drains their blood to give to his daughter, twisted freakbag Wolfgang gets rid of the young lady's corpses by turning them into historical passengers on his waxen carousel from Hell!!

41-23-36 Scilla Gabel as Elfie reassures the next victim that she's doing it for a good cause!!

"You're gonna get caught, just you wait and see.......

Why's everybody always pickin' on me?"

Speaking of San Francisco, I'll be back next Friday with the truly bizarre tale of a really stoned woman, Lila!!!!


TABONGA! said...

Tabonga just noticed, heute ist Dungeon' 900th posting! WTF!!!

prof. grewbeard said...


zillagord said...

Wow, those photos are amazingly colorful. Great job EEGAH!!

Congrats on the 900th posting! Amazing! The blog just keeps on rollin'....


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Blog don't lie!!!

Christopher said...

Blog LIVE!
THis is a pretty good movie..Has a few really good creepy moments..some Bava-like color moments..

Greg Goodsell said...

Kinky and colorful!

Rob T. said...

This is an outstanding movie, provided you have the taste to appreciate subtlety and atmosphere, and are not simply a gorehound mutton-head. It's definitely not made for ADD children or the de-sensitized.

By the way, this film pre-dates any of Bava's color efforts, so it is far more accurate to say that Bava's film's have Ferroni-like color moments.

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