Saturday, June 21, 2008

MACUMBA LOVE - Enrico Simonetti - "Voodoo To The Max" (1960)

Here's more smokin' hot Voodoo and Calypso for a hot Saturday night! "Macumba Love" is quite a weird movie as far as music is concerned. The main musical credits go to Enrico Simonetti, but the actual songs, "Dance Calinda", "To Market" and "Paya What You Can" are all credited to the writer of the screenplay for this film, Norman Graham, with Callan Riggs and H.E. Donaldson! It's another Island Voodoo movie, but the twist this time is Snakes!! They're everywhere, so it must not be in Hawaii!! The man sitting in the director's chair was actor Douglas Fowley, father of one of the best musicans and madman record producers of all time, Kim Fowley!!! Douglas Fowley also produced the movie!!

Here's the backing band at the club during the performance of "Dance Calinda"
Walter Reed has got to be sitting in the smoking section!

So here's the deal, you just married a blonde bombshell, and you're on your honeymoon, and you're dancing with a voodoo vixen instead! Are you nuts Warren??
Ziva Rodann plays the part of the evil but oh so ever hot, Venus de Viasa to perfection, and she can sing too, because entertaining is one of her favorite pastimes!

The Witchy Woman has the coolest of pads, skulls and all!!

Then the music just keeps on going in "To Market"

Then they cut to this group of people and it's like WTF, when did the Bonzo Dog Band become a part of this movie! Where's the guy in the gorilla suit??

Don't do it Warren, she's just trying to charm you like a snake and Sara's waiting back at the house for you!!

The Va-Va-Voom 43-22-37 June Wilkinson as Sara always played third fiddle to Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren, but had a great career in the movies, and has appeared in tons of magazines, starting off with Playboy in 1958! Later in her career she worked as counterpoint to Spike Jones. June is still alive and struttin' today!!
"Shake it June!!"
So, who's William Wellman Jr. as Warren going to choose, his amazing buxom wife or the snake goddess?? Guess you'll just have to find out on your own!


Greg Goodsell said...

June Wilkinson had some hard-won wisdom to offer Bettie Page in an old issue of PSYCHOTRONIC magazine --

Carlos Primati said...

Any chance you repost the MP3? Are they from the soundtrack EP released at the time or directly from the film? Thanks a lot!

EEGAH!! said...

The mp3s were from the film Carlos, let me see if I can dig them up for you.

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