Sunday, June 1, 2008

VOODOO ISLAND / Bel-Air Studios 1957 / Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel (our hero) Hoffman

Finally, they bring in some muscle!! Sheesh! Looks like Rodan'll be doing Sunday Classics now, giving those two other weaklings a little break!! Remember, Rodan can knock over buildings by just flapping his wings!!.. So, my first assignment is this little island paradise called VOODOO ISLAND, with Boris and the 'incredible diminishing' gang!

Welcome to VOODOO ISLAND... Here's a Creepy Exotic Island Mixture by Les and Sam.

Boris is having some trouble communicating with this zombified guy. Then, the guy stands up and falls flat on his face, so, they pick him up.

Hey, did anyone ever notice that lamp sticking out of his head?!

Now, some good stuff!.. The girls in this movie seem to attract big rubber things!! It looks like Jean is actually topless there!

Here's a still from a weird little scene where it looks like the crazy plant is trying to suckle Beverly's breast! Its strange to watch, she has to hold it so it looks like its stuck to her or something.

Ain't latex rubber cool?!

Here's a close-up of one of those plant's suction mouth! They sway around and hit you when you're not looking! Mean little creeps related to Tabonga, I believe!

This scene is great! Murvyn is sleeping only to wake up and open his eyes just as one of the swaying plants dips down to within inches of his face!! YOW!!

Murvyn is totally shaken and takes off blindlessly into the jungle. After awhile, he stops and sees two girls playing. Still dazed, he watches as the smaller girl falls onto one the the odd looking plants...

Gripped in horror, he then sees the plant quickly ball up and trap the helpless girl inside!!.. Daaaaammn!!!

He keeps watching as the girl's piece of dress slowly disappears into the plant!! Man, that was brutal in 1957!!.. A year earlier, though, a boy dies from radiation poisoning in Hammer's X: THE UNKNOWN!

Anyways, that was enough to drive Murvyn permanently into Coocoosburg!

So, here's the ones who make it this far! That's Rhodes Reason, one-time bro-in-law of Sanita Pelkey and there's Elisha Cook, Jr. (Elisha then gets it good just a few moments later!)


Oh, Tabonga asked (nicely) and I said okay, to say... GOODNIGHT, EVERYBLOODY!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Boris seems especially bored in this one ....

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