Friday, June 20, 2008

MY SON THE VAMPIRE - Allan Sherman - "Blood!!!" (1952) (1962)

Well, everybody knows the story about Arthur Lucan(Towle)and his career acting in drag as Old Mother Riley that lasted a decade or more and made him at least the second most popular English actor in the 1940's, and his tumultuous relationship with his wife and co-star Kitty McShane.

When they married, Lucan was 28 and Kitty was 16, she played the straight role to his comedic part in all the Old Mother Riley films, except this last one "Mother Riley Meets The Vampire." Their marriage had gotten so bad that in their previous film "Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure" they appeared on the set only on different days, and she refused to be in this last one! At the time of his death, there were plans for "Mother Riley Goes To Mars." What else would you expect??

But, that's not what we're here to talk about!

What exactly do you mean, she's a man??

The theme song from the American 1963 re-release "My Son The Vampire" was written and performed by the legendary Allan Sherman in an attempt to capitalize on his very popular album, "My Son, The Folk Singer" released in 1962! Allan Sherman was an entertainer of mythical proportions and one of my Mom's favorites, so we listened to all his albums many times. That's probably even where some of this dry wit comes from, that, and The Smothers Brothers, because Allan's LP's while funny at first, got increasingly bitter and sarcastic like another one of our heroes, Lenny Bruce!! The image of the portly middle-aged guy with a flat-top and glasses wasn't something that has been easy to forget. The TV producer turned comedian folk singer with an odd voice had created a character and image that in reality killed him. With a love for good food and good drink, Allan unintentionally did himself in at the young age of 48, basically with too much of the good life. What a loss, there could have been so much more! We miss you, man!!!

So, it's time to WAKE UP, and without further adieu, it's the best thing about this movie, from "My Son, The Vampire," here's "BLOOD"!!!

The other little bit of music you will hear after the theme is credited to some cat named Lindo Southworth in his only ever film credit! The trilling trumpet imitating Old Mother Riley's speech is especially interesting, the rest of the music has a real Three Stooges feel to it! Enjoy!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

This has the classic line uttered by Old Mother Riley, "Put that in your smoke and pipe it!"

Anonymous said...

Just watched this again a couple of weeks ago, and posted a few screencaps to Flickr.

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