Friday, June 27, 2008

THE BLACK CAT Part III - Scotty McKay - "Sinner Man" (1966)

So this is the third and final segment in our tribute to Scotty McKay, Edgar Allen Poe and one of the most interesting movies you'll ever have a chance to see, "The Black Cat."

Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat" was published in 1843! If this story was written today, the author would probably be thrown in jail for cruelty to animals!

After Lou goes out to the bar and gets all liquored up, he goes back home and Pluto the cat irritates him so much, he, and I really hate to say it, carves the cat's eye out. Now, it's really difficult to think or see anything much grislier than that if you're an animal lover, but after you see this picture of Lou and his knife, you will realize anything is possible! This dude is certifiably nuts!!

So in the world of true poetic justice, I don't know whose sheer genius idea it was, but when Lou goes back to the bar after disfiguring his cat, Scotty and the band all have eye patches covering one eye, and the song written by Scotty himself is entitled "Sinner Man"!!

The madness is really starting to kick in. Have another drink Lou, that will fix everything!!!

Scotty's McKay's Bolero Band at the time included Roger Bland, George Jones, Bobby Rambeau and Jerry Boin. Scotty McKay is remembered mostly as a Rockabilly artist, but "Sinner Man" sounds more like Country Joe and The Fish, with it's airy space and noodlin' guitar, than it does like Gene Vincent!

Well, after those incidents, they sent Lou to the Shrink! That didn't work out at first, but............

He eventually is cured of his mental illness and released back into the public, so now, he's back in the bar, doing what looks like something illegal in 1966 Texas!!

Larry Buchanan regular Annabelle Weenick as the floosie barfly, volunteers to give Lou a spelling lesson, and the music is "Gritty, Loose, and Dirty"!!!!

One place cheap movies never cut corners; somehow they always manage to come up with some cool cars!! Lou's ride is no exception!!!

The honeymoon is over, and the cat is out of the bag! If you're really stupid enough to be married to an abusive homicidal maniac, chances are, you're probably both going to end up getting it in the end!!

So, that's sorta the saga of Scotty McKay, The Black Cat, and Edgar Allen Poe! A perfect mesh of 1960's Horror movies and Rock & Roll! That's it for Scotty's film career, but there's a lot more of his music out there still, you just gotta track it down, but it will be well worth your effort!!

"Crash and Burn"

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Greg Goodsell said...

WOW! Annabelle looks all glamorous hrtr, quite a departure from her dowdy roles in DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT and IT'S ALIVE!

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