Sunday, June 29, 2008

BEDAZZLED / Stanley Donen Producer - British - 1967 / Music by Dudley Moore

Now, here's a real horror story for you!.. This one's on Rodan's Very Top 10 List of Favorite Movies!!..

Dudley Moore does all the great music we're featuring tonight, and, there's a lot! After overcoming many obstacles as a child, Dudley came out swinging!! First, he and Peter had 3 UK chart singles, then, Dudley has over 20 jazz albums, besides the soundtracks he did!.. He was a busy boy!!

So, let's just start at the beginning... BEDAZZLED Theme

After talking Stanley into signing over his soul to him for 7 wishes, George Spiggott (aka The Devil) takes Stanley to his headquarters to show him around. Only problem is, he has to get by Anger, who guards the door! At the Rendezvous Club they're "Licensed to buy and sell spirits" - At The Club

George shows Stanley some of the Club's 'inner workings' before they sign the contract.

For one wish, Stanley wants an intellectual date with the girl he's secretly in love with, Margaret. The way this scene ends is one of the most twisted things you could ever imagine!! If you haven't seen this great movie, do yourself a favor and check it out. Humor that's actually funny!!!

All three of us dudes here think the film has two small flaws. One is Raquel's voice as she does a Southern Belle and the other is the scene with the animated flies. But, who's complaining?!.. Look at this Still!!!... Lillian Lust

Then, for his next wish, Stanley wants to be a famous Pop Star!.. LOVE ME!!

Don't forget, he wants Margaret to adore him, too! And, she does!..

But, wait!.. Who's this?!! Drimble Wedge And The Vegetation!

Margaret is totally BEDAZZLED!

In his wish, Stanley forgot to take into account how fickle the pop music audience really is! There's a new star every week!!

To try and cheer Stanley up, George arranges a double date for him at the carnival! George and his date are having a fantastic time!!

Oh, and, Stanley and his date are having a great time, too!..

See, I told you this was a horror story!

For his final wish, Stanley screws up again, this time by forgetting to specify one thing!.. GENDER!!.. So, now, a woman, Stanley must make an unwilling leap of faith on a trampoline!.. AS A NUN!!

Stanley gives up and goes back to The Rendezvous Club for George's 'going away' party. He's drinking and smoking, he's pissed, and he just beat up Anger!!.... The 'Going Away' Party

George has signed up his one-billionth soul, and, so, gets to go back up to heaven. He's in a good mood and decides to be generous and give back Stanley's soul, as a gesture of kindness.

The 'gesture of kindness' gets George sent back to Earth to start all over again! George looks up and tells God... "You're unbelievable!"


zillagord said...

Unbelievable. You pick a film outside of the horror genre, and it's one of my faves.

Outside of "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist," my favorite movie about the devil. This one may even be the best in that regard, as he is the best character!

The songs here are awesome! Drimble Wedge really should have released more stuff. I guess The Raspberries kind of blew them away, though.

Really, a great song with the all time fave line: "You fill me with inertia." I'd sell my soul to write a line like that. But don't tell anyone...

Thanks for this and all the rest!

Anonymous said...

Cool, would you mind fixing the liks? thanks

No sólo Peter Cook sino también Dudley Moore said...

I love this film. It opened a door to Cook and Moore universe... so inspiring to me that I open a blog in spanish to tribute them and let spanish speakers know these two geniuses... sorry, I'm learning English.

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