Tuesday, June 10, 2008

EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE / Fuji Eiga Studio - 1964 / Music by Michiaki Watanabe

Hey, everybloody!.. Time for 'nother Tuesday with Tabonga. Tonight is EVIL BRAIN FROM OUTER SPACE from land of rising sun! Crazy music by dude with awesome resume that includes many cartoons, Mr. Mishiaki Watanabe!

Actually, this flick is cartoon!! Play music, Jojo!.. (Jojo is Tabonga pet tarantula!) the EVIL BRAIN! Oh, yeah, narrator tell you the story, so, Tabonga don't have to!!

All Starman movies start here... On space planet run by goofy morons! Then, somehow, they make Starman go to Earth, this time he fight bad guys who are controlled by evil brain from some other planet! Oh, see ring planet in background?.. It swing back and forth!.. Cool physics there!!

These guy flail around as they ponder importance of sanity in the universe!

WOW!!.. Bad guys have super cool 'Escher Pad!' Man, so lucky...

Oh, yeah, Evil Brain make this guy to scare crap outta citizens!! And, if touch you or Starman, DIE!!!

Fight acting SOOOO embarrassing! Look more like silly ballet!!

Tabonga miss good old days! Sigh!..

Just kidding, that look lame!!

Now, Tabonga show you something really weird!.. THIS PIC!!

Tabonga don't remember why, but, monster fall down and die! (Hey, poem!)

Final blow come when good guy pour acid on Evil Brain From Outer Space!! Everything going black, now, good night! ~


Maurizio Ercole said...

Hi from Italy!
I Love these weird tunes from my favorite movies!!!

Anonymous said...

All the STARMAN movies are ultra cool! They have some of the best aliens in them of any movie or TV show.

Okay, not as good as STAR TREK green Orion slave girls, but still pretty cool.

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Monster Music
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