Saturday, June 14, 2008

QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE - Marlin Skiles - "You Heard What The Babe Said" (1958)

Director Edward Bernds was such an amazing cat, having directed all those Stooges, Bowery Boys, and Blondie features and shorts, and also crossing over to give us some most interesting films in the Science Fiction genre too, like "Spacemaster X-7","World Without End", and "Queen Of Outer Space"!!!


Composer Marlin Skiles is all over the place as is appropiate, having worked with Edward Bernds on many a Bowery Boys film, and much more!

Another picturesque postcard from space, having a wonderful time here on Venus, it's like Nirvana, wish you were here!

Character actor Dave Willock gets all the good lines in this film, and this shot gives you a good taste of where this movie is going!

Captain Eric Fleming thinks the mask is pretty sexy at this point, but doesn't realize it has a dual purpose! They say Laurie Mitchell as the Queen was quite the good sport in this role!

That dual purpose would be to hide her ugly radioactive burnt mug, and what does he have to say, "Sorry!" Nice going Captain!! "For that you will die!"

Beauty queens were cast for the Queen's posse for their amazon qualities!

If any country on earth has a nuclear facility that looks like this, we're all really in trouble!!!

Recently, it dawned on me how much this movie actually looks and moves like a "Three Stooges" episode. This crazy fight scene might have come from Jerry Warren's "Batwoman," it's that silly!!

In Tom Weaver's interview with Edward Bernds, Ed tells him how Zsa Zsa almost gave him ulcers she was so hard to work with, and that he couldn't watch the film, because he could never understand why Zsa Zsa would be the only one on the planet with an accent! I also read that she had a hard time even delivering her lines because she thought she was too good to to talk to anyone, even on the set!


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And, remember, Moe was in SPACEMASTER X-7!

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Darlink, I shoot you vid this ray gun!

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Only a certain kind of person who was around for the Saturday afternoon movies on Channel 13 WAPI-TV in Birmingham AL back in the early 60's would know the words "Tabonga" and ol "Bachino"
El Woofo!

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June 14, 2008 9:51 PM

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