Friday, June 6, 2008

PSYCHO A GO-GO - Tacey Robbins - Jimmie Roosa "Who Needs You Ordinary Boy" (1965)

Hey, it's Friday night, so let's rock, and get ready to rumble, because this is the final installment we have for you from the loco extra-weird Al Adamson production known as "Psycho A Go-Go." So, to kick it off....."Now for her final show, the very lovely Linda Clark!" Here's Tacey Robbins as Linda doing "Ordinary Boy" which was the flipside of her 45 release "My L.A."

This film was sliced and diced and pieced back together with added bad footage and re-released in 1972 as "Blood Of Ghastly Horror."

Go-Go Girls go go go!!! So, is this a great movie or what?

Lyle Felice as the Boss named Vito is quite despicable in this role, and yet he has lots of time to keep himself well groomed! You can just tell that he's already got lots of bad stuff planned!! You might remember Lyle from his only other Hollywood role as the Deputy in "Cape Canaveral Monsters!"

Here Tacey belts out this slow yawner of a torch lounge song, called "Who Needs You" written by Jimmie Roosa!

This is the point where it really starts getting weird. They introduce the Christy Minstrel doll that sings "Swanee River"in this gawdawful freaky little voice, and later, they start playing reprises that will worm under your skin even more! Just whatever you do, never listen to it more than one time in a row or you will go stark raving bonkers, guaranteed!

So right about here it's time to introduce Roy Morton as bonafide psycho Joe Corey!! Seems like Roy only ever had one more role, and that was in a 1972 film called "Fuzz" where he played a rapist!! Wow, imagine that!

So they're all going to go for a nice little ride, and did I forget to tell you that the little girl is even more irritating than the doll!! Joe hasn't quite totally lost his cool yet!!

Really classy pad they're taking them to!! Al sez spare no expense!!

Anyway, Roy is wound up pretty tight, and he was either a great actor or a real psycho!

The final chase scenes were shot at Mammoth Lakes, Calif.(Mommoth in the credits) and the beautiful landscape was used to ultimate advantage once again by future Oscar winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond AKA William Zsigmond. This film looks awesome for the money they used to make it!!

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the Go-Go Girls?

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