Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE / Hugo Grimaldi 1965 / Gordon Zahler music supervisor

Time for 'nother Tabonga Tuesday! Tonight is cool sci-fi flick MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE. Dumb title! Really not much to do with mutiny, more about screeching fungus from Moon!! What gives?!.. Okay, Gordon Zahler was supervisor, but, use stock music by Leith Stevens, Hans J. Salter and Walter Greene!!

So, blast off into... Outer Space infected with screeching fungus!

Everybloody want to hang out with Faith Montaine, including Tabonga!!

Whoa!.. Look at meteors whizzing by space station!!

YUCK!!.. This actually dude's head after he touch space fungus! So, kids!!.. Keep away from space fungus, even if uncle Fred say okay!!

Tabonga like this still, look like Russians!

Most sexy wearing glasses and looking through big microscope!.. HOT!!

Oh, look! Germans expose Dick Cheney, but, you never gonna hear about it here in US!..

Stupid fungus can ruin whole day!!

Doctor barely touch fungus, so, they put him in big jar?!

This pic is boss!! General none other than Glenn Langan, aka, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN!

Bad idea to try and carpet space station!


Greg Goodsell said...

The space station looks like one of Alec Guiness' crazed sketches in OUR MAN IN HAVANAH!

Anonymous said...

It was the coolest sci-fi flick i've ever seen!!!!Greg,take your medication and shut up.true classic

Anonymous said...

I remember this movie when i was a kid at a matinee.They dont make em like the used to.was there ever a sequil

Anonymous said...

LOL! starring Dick Cheney as The Fungus.

Anonymous said...

This film's original treatment title was ASTROLAB ONE. Among other things that didn't make it to the final film, there's a great rec room scene with the space station crew playing at a zero gravity pool table! This film, BTW was the first feature film Mr. Pierce directed, when the credited director "froze up" on the first day of shooting.

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