Thursday, June 19, 2008

HOUSE OF THE BLACK DEATH / Medallion - 1965 / Music by '?'

Tonight, we go directly to Nutburg!.. No kidding! It so bad, it stink!! BUT!.. Flick totally saved by one thing!.. DANCIN' GURLZ!!! So, hit it, Jojo!.. Hot Gurlz Gyrate to Lame-Ass Devil Worship Music! Oh, yeah, NO CREDIT FOR MUSIC!.. AT ALL!.. ANYWHERE!! Enjoy!

Okay, so, John is big-shot devil guy, Andre Dessard, and, other devil guys want his dick job! So, he a little touchie!!

Poor Lon look bad here! Play Belial Dessard, John brother, who have horns and goat legs, and gurlz dance for him!!

If you watch this movie for 1st time... Or, even 13th time, this the expression on your face!!

Wait!.. Dolores Faith play John and Lon sister?! Then, only explantaion is... SHE ADOPTED!!

Tabonga bet that Eegah!! not know that Jerry Warren direct Katherine Victor here as Lila for her part in flick!!

Okay, back to action!

Is woman not best art in universe?!.... Beauty up there with nebulas!!

This English born Sabrina, make Tabonga sap boil!! She have 41 inch bust insured in 1957 for £125,000!!

So, if you like gurlz body too much!......

....This happen to you one day!!.. Goo'night, everybloody!


Eegah!! & Tabonga! said...

Oh, Yeah! I did too know it, and Jerry also did some Cinematography and some of the editing on this film to finish it up!!


tabonga!! said...


Greg Goodsell said...

Sabrina is the bomb in "The Ice House" and "Satan In High Heels!" See them ASAP!

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