Monday, June 23, 2008

THE BLACK CAT - Scotty McKay (1966)

By the power invested in me, I hereby do decree this week from now and forever to be "Scotty McKay Week!" Okay, I got that out of my system, so why is it "Scotty McKay Week?" That part is kind of free form, but it has a lot to do with the spirit of the unsung independent artist! So, I searched and I searched to find Max Lipscomb, aka Scotty McKay's birthday, and while the March 17, 1991 date of his death is well documented enough, for some unknown reason, the day and the month of his birth are unavailable to find, all there is, is the year 1937!!! So, what's up with that? There's just something there that ain't right here! So, if we don't know the day, how the Hell are we supposed to celebrate this amazing unheralded artist's birthday??? And, that's why and when I decided that everything I do this week will be, to say Happy Birthday Scotty!!! 

Scotty was only in two movies and we've already exploited the other Texas feature "Creature Of Destruction" to the Max, as it were, so that only leaves the 1966 Edgar Allen Poe Texas Classic feature "The Black Cat" 

Here we have Robyn Baker in a pensive mood "Listening To The Radio" in her one, of two roles she ever had, as Diana!! 

And this is Robert Frost in his solo film outing as Lou, the principal player in Poe's nightmare! And truly, what a nightmare it is!!! Now, here's where the fun starts, because this terror terrific film is loaded with music provided by none other than our man, Scotty McKay!!! And we're just getting warmed up because this is just the theme, and some music off of the radio, wait til our hero starts going to the bar, that's when we'll catch back up with Scotty on Wednesday!! 

In the meantime, everybody lift your glasses high, to all the best artists you've never heard of, this one's for Scotty!!! 



Greg Goodsell said...

That blonde gal looks like a guy in drag!

troy brewer said...

I was friends with scotty Mckay the least three years of his life. even played in his last band, the morning side of midnight. Scotty had an amazing mini musical museum in his house and one of the things I remember so well was the movie poster of the black cat in his living room.

he would of loved this blog and the scotty mckay week thing. thanks
Troy Brewer
Joshua Texas

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Troy, Now that's an amazing comment. Thanx!

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