Sunday, June 8, 2008

THE FLY / 20th Century Fox - 1958 / Music by Paul Sawtell

Rodan here... Tonight's classic feature is none other than... THE FLY!! You know, the much better 1958 original version, not the 1986 remake! For me, this is one of three sci-fi movies from the '50s that is close to flawless! My other picks are FORBIDDEN PLANET and THE THING. Composer Paul Sawtell has an awesome resume of work that starts in the '30s! And, now!.. "The Fly!"

This film is brutal!.. And, devistating!!.. It is hard to imagine anything more horrifying than this story by George Langelaan and James Clavell. A brilliant man and his beautiful wife, truly in love, they have it all!! And, he's on the brink of creating a gift of the gods! A giant technological leap ahead for man!.. (Like the Krell!!)

I have always loved neon... This would make a great art installation!

Everything seems to be operating exactly as designed! A true spectacle of genius!!

But, wait, something has gone wrong! Now, try not to panic!..

David's fly hand will not stay under his lab coat!.. It has a mind of it's own!!

Patricia Owens captures the horror of the gut wrenching situation with perfection!! And, let's give some credit to director, Kurt Neumann!

Then... The veil comes off!!

A horror beyond imagination! NOW, WHAT?!

After a futile search for the fly with 'a white head,' dementia sets in and David starts destroying the lab!

He, then, destroys himself via a giant metal press...

At the end, Vinnie and the inspector both witness the gruesome fate of the fly with David's head!!

The message of this movie is simple... Don't go places God forbids!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeee ....

Madog said...

Her dad was a British double agent! See the new book Snow: the double life of a world war II spy

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