Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aventura al Centro de la Tierra (Adventure at the Center of the Earth) 1965 / music by Raul Lavista

Whoa! Already Tabonga Thursday!! So, tonight we go south of border and this time have Tabonga's very fave Mex Gurl, Kitty de Hoyos!!!!! Arriba!!.. Movie begin with 5 minute narration as words roll. Yawn!.. Probably okay if you speak Mex, or... Well, anyway, here's sounds from... CENTER OF EARTH! by great composer Raul Lavista!

Surreal Bat Attack!!.. Look like Frazetta!

Man, bats real mad at acrobat guy!!

Pretty good monstruo with nice sharp claw! We call him... Bat Dude!

Oh, this what happen if smoke in bat dude cavern!! You get claw in neck!!

Tabonga and Bat Dude love Kitty!

Here, Bat Dude tear ugly snake-eel in half and offer to Kitty, but, Kitty not hungry!!

Okay, cut to chase, then! Bat Dude want hot monkey love!!

Not really need caption here!

Boy, you know, Kitty look terrific from behind too!!!

Okay, just when things get interesting, Army guys show up with machine gun and start blasting?!!.. What gives?!

So, of course, they shoot poor horny Bat Dude in Bobo!.. COLD!!!


Allen's Brain said...

I expect that opening narration is the standard scifi/monster movie disclaimer: "We know this movie is silly, but here's some obscure quotations which point to the possiblity of it happening, especially since we now have atomic radiation enhancing Darwinian evolution!

I especially like the one at the beginning of Mole People.

reino said...

Great stuff, great resource. Thanks for doing it.

reino said...

Also my brother in law is a big fan of Goblin , speaking of creature feature music generally (i guess that is out of your range of years)

Anonymous said...

I agree with A's Brain, in MOLE PEOPLE, the 'expert' narrator will totally blow your mind with the stupid theories he presents as to what might be on the inside of the Earth!! He has drawings too! If you haven't noticed, nearly all the Universal films of the '50s begin with some form of narration -

Monster Music

Monster Music
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