Tuesday, April 7, 2009

THE SNOW CREATURE / Planet Filmplays - 1954 / Music by Manuel Compinsky

Alright! What it is!.. Tabonga Tuesday splash down once again, tonight we go to Tibet in Himalayas to find elusive SNOW BALL! Errr, SNOW CREATURE!! Director W. Lee Wilder and son Myles make two classic sci-fi B-Flick in early fifties, PHANTOM FROM SPACE and KILLERS FROM SPACE! Of course, W. have very famous brother, Billy. Myles go on to write for TV and include BONANZA, WAGON TRAIN, McHALE'S NAVY, MR. TERIFFIC, GET SMART, DISNEYLAND, THE DORIS DAY SHOW, THE BRADY BUNCH, THE ADDAMS FAMILY and many more!!

Muzik dude Manuel Compinsky work only 1954-6, he also compose for KILLERS FROM SPACE and was in muzik department on AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS!

So, here is tonight offering, Tabonga gonna be pressin' big red button by self because pets on vacation in Cancun!! Tabonga have to stay here and make post, you know! Okay, big red button time!.. SNOWY, THE SNOW CREATURE!

Paul Langton and alcoholic buddy get crew together for scientific expedition.

Later, they think light snow might come, so they head pall mall to nearest cave for shelter and settle nerve wif' stiff drink!

Sorry to say, Snowy not a real bright star in the heavens! He get so mad when he see dude in cave, he pull down part of cave wall and knock self out cold!! Make real easy for guy to tie up and take back to LA on sleek Constellation!

Big 'frigerator seem like very smart way to drag Snowy around until he learn how to rock it back and forth!


This is great action, Snowy punch guard right in face! Notice how costume all bunched up there where tucked in?!

Lock Martin supposedly was Creature, he look half undressed most of time during big fight scene. Probably pretty hot in full fur costume!! Phew...

Say goo'night, old Snowy!!

Paul Langton and William Phipps have big laugh after it all over. Yeah, so very funny...

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buzz said...

The cave is actually world famous Bronson Cavern (actually an abandoned rock quarry) still used by studios today for cave locations.

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