Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KOMMISSAR X - IN DEN KLAUEN DES GOLDENEN DRACHEN - Bobby Gutesa - "So Darling, So Deadly" (1966)

This week's action thriller is titled "So Darling, So Deadly!"

This film is the second feature of three you can get on one disc, of the "Kommissar X" series, and once again, the cool music is by Bobby Gutesa, one swingin' cat whose work is right up there with some of the best stuff of Jerry Van Rooyen! Joe Louis Walker's theme is sung by Angelina Monti, and was written by the director of the movie, Gianfranco Parolini, using the persona Frank Kramer! These kind of guys crack me up! Gianfranco Parolini has worked as an actor, a writer, a producer, and a director using all the following names, Frank Kramer, Frank Littleword, J. Francis Littlewords, Frank Littlewords, J.F. Littlewords, John Francis Littlewords, John Francis Scott, John Eastwood, Robert F. Atkinson, Cehett Grooper and G.F. Parolini!!!!!

These are the bad guys, I mean bad people!!!

And this is how Tony Kendall, as Joe Louis Walker, on the left, and "Bad" Brad Harris, as Captain Tom Rowland, on the right, deal with those kind of people!!! The overdubbed voice of Joe Walker is done by Gert Günther Hoffmann, Tom Rowland's voice is provided by Horst Niendorf, and Wolfgang Draeger is the voice of the Hotel Clerk!!

The "Kommissar X" soundclip that sometimes plays on the 13 Jukebox is from this early all-girl band that we don't know the name of!!

Look at that boy dance, Go Brad, Go!!

Tony is not that impressed with Brad's dancing skills!!

Time to meet up with the evil Boss!!!

Oh, Wow, what a surprise, a trapdoor and a slide, just like in an episode of "The Little Rascals!" Looks like a barrel of fun!! I always wanted to own a bar, that you had to go down a slide to get into, anybody know if there is one anywhere in the world, or do I still have the patent on that idea??

Uh, Oh, not that much fun at the bottom, this time!! I'd rather have a margarita!!!

You have to give Gianfranco credit, he had vision!!

But let's give a lot of credit to the guy blowing everything up, and setting it on fire, Pyrotechnician Richard Richtsfeld, and then after he blows everything up, it's a good time for Brad and Tony to bring in the fireshoses, and hose all the bad people down real good!!!

Last time Brad ended up poolside with a bevy of babes, this time it's really The End!!!


MadCatJoey said...

There used to be a bar in NYC, in the late '70s, that had a slide. I can't remember the name of it, but the commercial (usually run on late-night tv) featured a buxom blonde with her eyes closed being told to "Imagine a place with great music, fun people, etc,, open your eyes!" Cut to swingers sliding into the gaudiest disco imaginable. I'm still kicking myself for not going there!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

three Kommissar X films on one disc? i'll have to track that down.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Just one word Bro, Netflix!!!

TABONGA! said...

MCJ - tanks for the 'slide' info, too very coolish! Eegah will be impressed!

Darfish said...

Last time I was in a bar, and very drunk, I swear there was a slide, OH and a bunch o midgets, and a clown, and .....well, OK, maybe I imagined it.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

See what a little imagination can do, this bar is forming as we speak, now with midgets and a clown, I'm liking it!

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