Tuesday, April 28, 2009

THE MAGIC SWORD / Mr. B.I.G. - 1962 / Music by Richard Markowitz

Okay, here is great little flick from 1962, maybe one of MR. BIG' best! And, a flick that Dungeon gang see together long time ago, when came out! ...Crunch that number! Wow, star Basil (SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE) Rathbone, Estelle (DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE, DEAD RINGER) Winwood, Gary (2001: A SPACE ODDYSEY, EARTH II) Lockwood and Anne (THE INTERNS, FOLLOW THAT DREAM) Helm! Then, Vampira (THE VAMPIRA SHOW, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE) as hag, Angelo (FREAKS, DRACULA vs FRANKENSTEIN, BRAIN OF BLOOD) Rossitto as second dwarf and Richard (EEGAH!!, PHANTOM PLANET) Kiel as pinhead!!!.. Also, first color flick for Mr. Bert I. Gordon... Not too shabby!!

Tonight is first time for excellent music guy Richard Markowitz here at Dungeon! A few flick he compose music for is... STAKEOUT ON DOPE STREET, THE HOT ANGEL, OPERATION DAMES, WILD SEED, HOODLUM PRIEST and some TV show he do... THE WILD WILD WEST, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, MANNIX, HAWAII FIVE-O, BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY and many more!

Pet Ralphie an' Piff not back from library yet, will be disappointed, but Tabonga have to press button for pals. Great theme and more!.. ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON!

You probably remember Estelle/Sybil from BEWITCHED! And, that Nick and Paul Bon Tempi as Siamese twins.

Phew, Tabonga gettin' writer-twig cramp!!

Sir George like to use magic to watch Princess Helene take bath!.. (Tabonga too!!!) Then, party over when Creep Lady come and take Princess away to unknown dimension, while George watch that too!

Sir George bring knight pal back from dead to help fetch Helene back from mean dude Lodac!.. Preddy cool!!

Effect best yet for Bert, lookin' goot! Hey, Monster have Hendrix shirt on!!.. "Cause I'm a Voodoo Chile!"

W!.. T!!.. F!!!..

Tabonga just like this pic!

Little buddies escape and help George get out of Dungeon to save Helene from Dragon!

Kinda hard though!

Sybil pop in to watch show with Lodac. When Lodac get distracted, she grab magic ring back he steal from her family! Now, ring on other finger!

Sybil help George out and he defeat Dragon, then she turn into Lion and fix all Lodac' problems!

Tabonga go overboard tonight, but, what is a monster to do?!..

Nuffin' -


prof. grewbeard said...

i'll pretty much watch anything with Basil Rathbone in it- and nude girl bathing!

RODAN! said...

Man, Basil was so awesome as Sherlock!

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