Saturday, April 4, 2009

SEI DONNE PER l'ASSASSINO - Carlo Rustichelli - "Blood And Black Lace" (1964)

Well, it wasn't easy, but even the best gets old after awhile, so you might notice we've changed the playlist on Radio 13 with a whole new set of songs! So get ready to Dig In and Trip Out!! But for right now.....

It's Bava Time!!! In 1959, Mario Bava directed the black and white classic "Caltiki," it would only be fives years later when he got around to tonight's feature, a colour classic thriller from somewhere on the other side of elsewhere, "Blood And Black Lace", and what a film it is!

The stunning Eva Bartok and the sleazy Cameron Mitchell, nice casting, but sick!!

Man of the hour and director Mario Bava was a hands on guy who did a lot of the cinematography himself, but the main guy with the good eye was Ubaldo Terzano, and this is the way he rolled!!

One, Two, Three! It's okay, everything gonna be all right, just Scream!!

We've written about the Masestro Carlo Rustichelli here before for his work on "Long Hair Of Death" and "The Day The Sky Exploded," but in my humble opinion, this is some of his best work, but then there are like 397 more films he composed for too!! A small piece of advice! Just go get it!!


Mario Giguere said...

Got the score,simply wonderful, like the film itself, great stuff !

Chynna said...

Great screen captures. Very different from other captures. :)


John Bender said...

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