Saturday, April 18, 2009

CHAMBER OF HORRORS - William Lava - "One Hand Is Better Than Two" (1966)

"Chamber of Horrors" was a big studio Warner Brothers production, so they had enough money to do some extra stuff!

Obviously, some marketing genius came up with the concept of having a 'warning' system, hence you have the "Horror Horn" and the "Fear Flasher" which were both used to give the viewer a chance to turn away, or in other words, completely remove any chance of being scary or suspenseful! Pretty stupid, really, but unique!!! Then, on top of that, the scenes you are warned about, are not really that scary as to warrant such attention!! Oh, well, it's still a fun movie to watch!!!

Essentially, "Chamber Of Horrors" is a battle of wits between House Of Wax owners, and amateur detectives Anthony Draco and Harold Blout, with the assistance of their little buddy Señor Pepe De Reyes and the devious killer Jason Cravatte, who was also known as Jason Caroll! Draco was portrayed by Cesare Danova, Wilfrid Hyde-White was Harold, and Tun Tun played Señor Pepe!

Patrick O'Neal turns in a killer performance as the two Jasons! At the end of the movie there is written credits for 'The Cast' and Patrick's name is not even on the list!!! That's how evil he is!!

These are some of the attachments that Jason is able to use with what used to be his hand!!

The most happening place in town, "Delano's!!!"

It's a twisted little tale with some bizarre features that they don't warn you about, like, out of nowhere, in what is basically a cameo role, you have an uncredited Tony Curtis playing cards in a Cathouse as Mr. Julian for a couple of minutes!!

M.A.S.H.'s Trapper John, Wayne Rogers has an unusual role as a heroic but dumb cop!!

This is a pretty funny scene where Jason pretends he's just another wax head on the shelf and is hiding from Draco in the big chase scene!!!

The lovely Laura Devon adds a lot of class as Marie Champlain, the woman stuck in the middle!! Laura worked mostly in TV, having only made 5 films, and retired shortly after this movie was made!!

In charge of the music was a man we've written about before, because he has well over 300 credits including a slew of cartoons and TV shows! You name it, William has done it, "Daffy Duck," "Bugs Bunny," "Pink Panther," "F-Troop," "Disneyland," "Mickey Mouse Club," "Cheyenne," just to name a few, and in the 40's he was composer for "The Mummy's Curse," "House Of Dracula," "The She-Wolf Of London" and so much more! What an incredible career!!! This one's for Bill!!!


KRENG said...

Finally found the time to spend another couple of hours in this amazing place. I had to go all the way back to january. It took me a while.... Thanks for all the fu*king hard work you put in this blog.
The screamo's are great (as usual)!!!

You might be interested to know that my first album is coming out on Miasmah Records on the 25 of may. There's a sample hidden in it from 'The Black Cat'. The sound clip was provided by YOU. Thanks again.
Keep looking. Keep Listening. Keep Posting.

Eegah!! Rodan! and Tabonga! said...

Glad to see you're still around, and best of luck with that new album release, we can't wait for those royalty checks to start coming in!! We're honoured to be of service! Thanx!!!

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