Thursday, April 30, 2009

MR. SARDONICUS / William Castle - 1961 / Music by Von Dexter

Here is perfect example of what dude mean when say William Castle is 'Mr. Gimmick!' He come on at beginning to talk about ghouls, just to bug ever'bloody! Ray Russell, aka MR. SARDONICUS, write story and screenplay instead of Castle regular, Robb White!

Von Dexter have only 9 composing credit, but include HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE TINGLER and 13 GHOSTS! And, in 1959, Von and William appear on TV show 'THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Robb White!'

Oskar Homolka play servant for Baron Sardonicus, he takin' doctor Ronald Lewis to see Sardonicus' wife, Audrey Dalton...

Ronald sing good but get lost easy!

Ronald find out real reason why he tricked to come to Baron' mansion.

Baron tell him story of what happen that dark night when he open father' grave up to get winning lottery ticket in jacket he bury with him by mistake. Not too pretty!..

Baron use threat of torture to get Ronald to help make face normal again, and so he can throw sweaty mask in trash can!

For treatment, Baron go into old locked room and hang out wif' stinky dead dad. The Baron need to 'scream face back into place' according to Ronald!! And, guess what?! It woik!!

So, happy, Mr. Sardonicus let wife leave wif' Ronald and go back to London...

But, William come back on and do punishment poll to see if Baron get free pass or not.

Hey, here is real fact!.. Eegah!! was lil' dude standing up in back!!.. No crap! He get all embarrassed when William tell him to sit down!

Baron lose poll and get punishment, so, jaw clamp shut and cannot eat or drink! Look so funny when he try to smash chicken into face! Ha ha, Oskar get last laugh!.. Now, that a happy ending!!


prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for reminding me about this one, i need to check it out. and William Castle was one cool guy.

Darfish said...

This one I have to see, looks strange, I like that.

Eegah!! said...

I still have my punishment poll around here somewhere, now if I could just find it!

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