Thursday, April 23, 2009

EL TESORO DE MOCTEZUMA / Mexico - 1968 / Music by Enrico C. Cabiati

Tabonga Thursday going to favorite place tonight, Mexico 1968! Flick star Santo and Jorge Rivero as wrassling and crime team... Ariba!! And, also, lot of terrific still... Too!

James Bond dude come on before credit roll, and, have absolutely nuffin' to do wif' nuffin'... Look very cool, though.

Senior Enrico C. Cabiati is at music helm, and kick total butt!! He work on many Santo and Neutron flick and have plenty-o-posts here at der Dungeon!

Santo keeping up with times with awesome crime lab. Here is great portrait of him!

Criminal always look good 'n' evil with gas mask!

Aye chingow, Maura Monti, ultimate man lure! She saying 'hi' to Jorge at wrasslin' match!

So, Maura and buddies waiting for Santo and Jorge to come home! Finally, Jorge flip, punch and knock her out, after she totally kick his rear end, no kidding!!

Santo have to play straight guy here!

Okay, okay!.. Here one for the gurlz!

Santo get stuck in between tag team car rundown!

Santo and Jorge get call about Montezuma' treasure just found in underground catacombs. Hey, where everything go?!

Action never ends! Now, Santo and Jorge chase bad guy' ship in Beechcraft Bonanza that can drop bomb!

Our heroes bail out just before plane get blown to bits!.. DAAAAMN!!

Hey, the Mexican-Chinese 3 Stooges!!

el Tesoro de Moctezuma!!


prof. grewbeard said...

i always thought that was Jorge Rivera blasting away during the credits...

TABONGA! said...

Hey, that actually make sense!! Danke...

Greg Goodsell said...

Moctezuma's revenge, indeed!

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