Thursday, April 2, 2009

LA MALDICION DE LA MOMIA AZTECA / Mexico - 1957 / Music by Antonio Díaz Conde

Like promise, Tabonga bringin' you more Momia Azteca, this installment... THE CURSE!! Making trilogy pretty smart, when you can flashback 1/3 of flick times 2!! And, the more Tabonga think on it, it seem damn smart!

Music by Antonio Díaz Conde again...

Tonight, for first time, because lil' guy feel neglect, Tabonga going to let pet gnat, Piff, press big red button to start music! Okay then, take it away, Piff!!.. SOUNDCLIP NO LONGER AVAILABLE

What is so different about 'Curse' is there is Santo dude name... 'el Angel' aka 'Silver Angel!' What is coincident is, Dungeon crew make flick in 2004 name SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES!! You can see still from it if you go to Monster Alley (links) and go down about half way on first page! Tabonga would not kid about that, go see for self!!

Crooks in Mexico very efficient and always have devilish plan to mess wif' good guy!!

And, because can pack 19 dude in car, Krupp gang always have upper hand!! Whoa, good thing el Angel move out of way!

Krupp one arrogant, lying SOB... And, he prove it time and time again!

Crox Alvarado play Dr. Almada' friend, Pinacate. Secretly, he is el Angel. In part 3, or 'Robot' part, he back to normal person and act total goofy!!.. What hell?! He kickin' ass here! In 1962, he play El Malayo in CAZADORES DE CABEZAS and in 1967 play Caveman in LA ISLA DE LOS DINOSAURIOS!

Tierno slap crap outta Angel, then put in room that has false floor wif' snake pit at bottom!

Good thing Angel call Pepe to come save ass!!

Poetic justice, Momia push Krupp main henchman Tierno down and he fall face first in acid!! Ha ha ha!!.. Make Tabonga feel good to see that part!

More poetic justice!! Krupp scream like little gurl!

Phew!!.. Whotta ride!!

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Anonymous said...

Did that guy get the bang on his head from trying to sit in one of those chairs and falling out?

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