Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KOMMISSAR X - JAGD AUF UNBEKANNT - Bobby Gutesha - "Kiss Kiss...Kill Kill" (1966)

Everybody likes action, adventure Spy movies, and they fit in quite well around here because they almost always have something Psychotronic going on in some form or another, so tonight, it's "Kommissar X" time, and that means we're calling Joe Louis Walker, and expecting a good time to boot, cause what we've got here is the first of seven releases written by a Mr. Bert F. Island under the "Kommissar X" banner, this one titled "Kiss Kiss... Kill Kill", and it just might be the best one!! The pairing of Tony Kendall as Joe Walker and 'Bad' Brad Harris as Captain Tom Rowland is an odd, but workable couple that deserves another shot!! Rent it on Netflix, Hell, you get three complete separate titles on one disc, so there is no way you can go wrong! This is very possibly the best deal this economy's got going, and that ain't no joke!! It's Joe Louis Walker, just enjoy it!!

"Jagd auf Unbekannt" has got it all and more, you've got out of control action!!

You've got an amazing stockpile of the female species!!!

AND, above all else, you've got Joe Walker himself, taking it all in!!!

'Mr. Muscles' Brad Harris plays the role of Captain Tom Rowland, who is pretty much the straight guy paired with the out of control Joe Walker!!

Did I forget to mention that Brad does his own stunts? He actually started his film career as a stunt man!!

Talk about throwing you a curve, it must be April first, because all of sudden, and out of nowhere, we're in the middle of what seems to be "Frankenstein's Daughter!" What the Hell??

Pretty tricky, it was only an act!!

Just try and tell me that you didn't want to know about this cool transitor radio that turns into a high powered rifle!!!

What the Hell's going on here?? It's a great movie, isn't it just obvious???

In the end, Brad does a pretty good job with the chicks himself, once he takes his shirt off!

The incredible music from this film is brought to you by composer Bobby Gutesha or Mladen Gutesa as he's known to his family, and continues throughout the whole movie! I regret I don't know the name of of the gal singing the theme song, if you know, pass the info on over! The music is all over the place from Lounge to Dixie, and my favorite part is what sounds like car horns in a busy New York intersection!!

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prof. grewbeard said...

as you probably already know, that radio-that-turns-into-a-gun is a Mattel Toy. i can't remember exactly what it was called, but i had one! if you came up to some kid who hadn't seen one already and popped that sucker open, it always freaked 'em out!

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